Monday, November 26, 2012

Post 2177 – The Deal of the Art, Parts 18-20

Life has been so interesting lately that I missed out on the last few editions of  my friend Mark Dooley’s excellent series.

Mark, I apologize.  I will contact you later and supply an alternative email address that is monitored much more closely.  You can use that address going forward.




I have a question for you guys.  I am a big fan of Mark’s work.  I have received some pretty positive comments about his work from my 4.7 regular readers.  I am wondering, however, what others think of Mark’s work. 

Remember: Mark does this work for the love of doing it, much the same as my interviews with local radio celebrities.  Those things cost me money and more free time than I would care to admit to myself or anybody else.  I do not know how much time Mark spends on his art, and how much it may affect his home life.  I just know that I like his work a lot and feel honoured to present it here.  Being the official Canadian distributor for Mark Dooley’s work makes me feel pretty good.  But Mark is probably a lot like me in this regard.  We both get very little feedback, positive or negative, for the work we produce on a regular basis.  I think it’s high time for some now.

Therefore, my questions are: Do you like Mark’s work?  Do you want to see more of it?  Do you have any suggestions for storylines?  Do you  have any questions about any of the characters in his storylines? 

You can reply via a response to this blog post, via a reply to the tweet that is produced by publishing this blog post, via a  Facebook comment either at my main FB page, or the FB Bevboy’s Blog fan page, or by sending an email to this address.

Start thinking.  Start writing.  We both look forward to your feedback.

See you tomorrow.


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