Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post 2178 - Bevboy's Thoughts About Pat Connolly

I heard the news of the passing of Pat Connolly via a Facebook status update earlier today from my friend Wayne Harrett.

I interviewed Pat in 2009.  This interview was arranged by my friend Ian Robinson, who of course worked with Pat for many years as announcers for the Halifax Mooseheads.

Pat was a great delight.   Patricia practically fell in love with him, and I don't blame her.   I cannot think of a more interesting and charming person who has crossed my path, particularly since I began these interviews nearly 5 years ago.  I consider myself very lucky to have met him.  Once again, I state that it is pathetic that the longest interview that Pat ever did was with me, a humble blogger.  He should have been interviewed by broadcasting luminaries for hours and hours at a time.  He should have put out a book, or even a series of books.   Instead, if you want to read an interview with Pat, it has to be the one that yours truly produced.  Unacceptable.

(If you want to read part one of the Pat Connolly interview, here it is.  If you want to read part two, here it is.)

We spoke on two occasions.  The second time was at Smitty's on Spring Garden Road.  As I had paid for lunch the first time, he insisted on paying for lunch the second time.  After he left us, he drove to CTV and was interviewed for 7 minutes by Steve Murphy.

Pat was a gentleman.  He answered my questions with patience and warmth and good humour.  And it was because of him that I was able to meet and speak with Don Tremaine a few months later.

I'm told that Pat never had a bad word to say about anybody.  That he had time for a blogger like me just proves that.

I do not know about funeral plans.   When I do, I will share those plans with you here.

My very best to Pat's family and friends during this difficult time.

See you tomorrow.


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