Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Post 2209 - A Jim Shooter Christmas Wish

You may recall that I became a fan of Jim Shooter's blog last year. He wrote tell-all posts about his years as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics.

I'd always heard about the people Jim had fired, who nearly to a person hated him. They would go on and on about how they had been aggrieved. Jim Shooter seldom said anything until he began his blog, at which time he refuted much of what these people had said.

I was inclined to take Jim's side if only because people are seldom fired "in the real world" unless there is justification for it. Too many I's to dot. Too many T's to cross. I didn't realize that at the time because I had not yet had the experience of working in an office environment. Instead, I took their word for everything. Probably a mistake, because nobody who's canned has anything nice to say about the "canner".

Jim abruptly stopped blogging at the end of March, which has been a big disappointment to me. I hope he resumes the blog again. I miss it a great deal.

Here is where you can find it.


Anyway, Jim sent out a blanket email yesterday, representing his first "casual" writing in months and months. Thought you'd like to see it.

Dear Bev,

To anyone reading this and all ships at sea,

Merry Christmas or happy whichever holiday(s) may apply.

Thanks for the mostly kind attention and support you graciously gave me back when I had time to blog.  And, thank you to the justifiably cranky folks who chimed in when the occasion called for it.

Blogging was fun and I'll do it again someday if I can ever get my ducks lined up.

The Year of Storms is almost over.  May next year bring comfort and joy for all.

Whatever your conception of the gestalt of existence, I mean this sincerely, to each in his or her own way: God bless us every one.

Be well,

Jim Shooter

PS.  JayJay here. I'd like to add my holiday wishes to you and thank you very much for everything.

Bevboy again. He stated it so well. God bless us every one.

See you tomorrow.

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