Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post 2182 - Vacation Day 2!

Newbie's really enjoying himself, sleeping on top of my laser printer.

I've been sleeping a lot too. When I awoke this afternoon, Newbie was next to me. The funny thing was, I hadn't been sleeping on top of my laser printer. It was in bed. Silly kitty!

Something weird happened this afternoon that has nothing at all to do with 8 year old laser printers. Mom and I drove to Superstore in New Minas to get her victuals. We found a parking space readily. Then I heard the bad news. The power was out at the grocery store. Saturday afternoon. December. Closer to Christmas. And the store was closed. How much business was lost to Sobeys, today?

Tomorrow morning, after another 12 hours of sleepy time bye-bye, we will return to the store in the vain hope that the power will be back on.

Ran into Lea Miller of K-Rock this afternoon. Introduced her to Mom. Lea has promised to take a couple bottles of her Snortin Morton hot sauce into the station for me on Monday. Best hot sauce in the entire world. Period. Semicolon. Exclamation Mark. Pick your favourite piece of punctuation.

Patricia loves this hot sauce too. She especially likes it when I put a little dab behind my ears and a drop on my wrists. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Nearly 9pm. Been awake for over 4 hours now. Time for more sleep. Newbie? Newbie?

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