Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post 2188 – Christmas Tie 2012, Day Three

Day 3 already.  This is just flying by.

Today’s pictures were taken at my work, which is in an undisclosed section of the city, as DSCF6141 what we do is strictly hush-hush.  I’m sure you understand.

Posing with me is the lovely Sonja, who is a big fan of mine.  Every time she sees me, whether it is at work or not, she points at me and laughs.  So do her friends.  That means she likes me, right?  Right?  And she loves my alleged sense of humour, too, right?  Right?


I tried to tell Sonja before the second picture was taken that by showing off her Mickey Mouse Santa image that she would in fact owe significant royalties to the DisneyDSCF6142 corporation.  Those people are extremely litigious.  They would sue to obtain an old woman’s gold teeth, and probably have.  

I am off on Friday, and back on Monday.  There will not be another entry in this fine series until Monday, which will be Day 4.  I hope you can last that long.  I know that the requests from certain people for the next Christmas Tie images will be loud and long.  You’ll just have to wait, you!

See you tomorrow.


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