Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post 2194 – Christmas Tie 2012, Day Six

This was a particularly fun one.  I am at the C100 studios in Halifax.  Flanking me are the C100 morning team, the Breakfast Club.  Left to right are my friend Brad Dryden, moi, Peter Harrison and Moya Farrell.


I got some extra pictures this morning and will share a few of them with you now.

I didn’t have any pictDSCF6148ures of Peter and Moya that I could drop into any blog interviews that featured them.  I suppose I could have scarfed some pictures of them from their Facebook, but I am uncomfortable doing that sans permission.  At any rate, I have those pictures now, and will use them going forward.

This whole Christmas Tie thing has taken on a life of its own.  People are writing me to suggest areas where I can get my picture taken.  Some of these suggestions are… interesting.  Yeah.  Let’s go with that word.  “Weird” might be another one. 



My extreme thanks to the Breakfast Club at C100 for posing with me, and to Matt Cleveland for taking the group photo’s. 



See you tomorrow.




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