Sunday, December 16, 2012

Post 2197 - City Time

I am back in the city after a relatively busy weekend at my mother's.  Newbie is next to me on the bed, in about the same pose he was for yesterday's blog post.

I got home to discover that Patricia had not yet finished defrosting the huge, stand up freezer in the kitchen.  She's still working on it now, and it is nearly 10:30pm local time.  It has been a big job for her.   The freezer downstairs, replete with 2 year old Hallowe'en candy, will be my responsibility to clean out.  Not looking forward to that.  Maybe Newbie can help me with that.

I need to get up early tomorrow morning, in part to prepare for what will be the most amazing Christmas tie picture ever.   Not in the five years I have been doing this Christmas Tie Extravaganza have I done something like what I will do tomorrow.   Arranging this one has been time consuming.  I just hope it turns out like I want it to. 

Watch for it, here, tomorrow!

I'm so excited!


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