Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Post 2200 - Post 2200!

First of all, welcome to Bevboy's Blog post 2200!!!

Second of all, I have to acknowledge the man who owns the Metro Deli at Young Tower on Young Street, a short distance from my work.  We go  for coffee there every morning.  Every Tuesday, though, they have a $2 breakfast special.  It is a very good deal, and a very good meal.

Charlie spoke to me after he delivered my brekky.  He wanted to tell me that he had become a fan of this here silly blog over the years, since he had owned the Pizza Town in Lakeside, a short distance from my home.  I knew I had remembered his face from the times at PT, but didn't make the connection.

Charlie has become quite the fan.  He has read a large number of the interviews.  He has viewed all of the videos on my youtube channel.   Sometimes he has shared some of his favourite posts on his Facebook.  His sister, who lives in Lebanon, read some of the posts and has become a semi-regular readers as well.

I gave Charlie a handful of Blog business cards and made him promise that he would mail them to his sister.  It is my hope that she will keep one for herself and distribute the rest to her friends and colleagues who want to read this silly Blog of mine.

2200 is not a huge milestone for me here, but it is worth noting.   I never thought the blog would go this far and last this long.  I have never wavered in my desire to produce the best blog that your money can't buy.  I think the blog reads better now than it did when I started, as I have worked harder on this hobby than just about any other one to put my best foot forward.  I hope you agree.  Of course, who the heck has read all 2200 posts anyway, other than me?

I remain committed to working on this blog for many years to come.  It's not like I have anything better to do.  The 4.7 of you who read this every day make my heart sing with joy and seem to hang on my every word.

Charlie, you made my day by 7 o'clock this morning!  Thank you so much.  I hope you're still here to read post 4400.

Another post, with a Christmas tie, will be up shortly.  Look for it!!


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