Saturday, December 22, 2012

Post 2205 - Vacation

I am on vacation from now until January 2, 2013. 

I am looking forward to the break.  It has been a long year and I feel I have earned a rest.  And, besides, I'm pooped after all the Christmas tie running around I did the last few weeks.

Sometime after lunch on Sunday, I will drive to my mother's for a few days, probably returning to the c.i.t.y. on Thursday the 27th. 

My mother has already made plans for me.  There won't be much time!!  We will only have Sunday night and Monday morning to do what has to be done.  That will require extra special preparation on Mom's part.  She will have to layout where and when we will go.  I am certain that my mother will arrange this such that we can get in and out of there in only  a few hours.

Because Sunday and Monday will be so exhausting for me, I have taken it easy today.  I slept in until quite late, and took a nap this afternoon.  Newbie was glommed right on to me, perhaps sensing what will confront me when I get to the Valley tomorrow.  I think he worries about me at some level.  He worries that he will miss out on a regular meal schedule if something happens to me.  How sweet.

I am going to call it a night.  It's a night. 

Please don't forget to let me know, via a comment to this post, or a comment on my Facebook, or a reply to my tweet, just what you thought of this year's Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza.  Feedback is always good to get, even if it is in areas where one can show improvement.

Have a good night.  The next blog post will probably come from my mother's.


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