Monday, December 31, 2012

Post 2215 - Goodbye, 2012!

It is about 2 hours until midnight.  Another year in my tumultuous life is nearly over.

I spent a few hours today trying to dig myself out of the driveway following Sunday's storm.  Pretty much succeeded when Patricia called to tell me that she had been excused from work a little early and could I pick her up.  We agreed to meet at the Sobeys at Mumford.

Patricia spent more than a hundred bucks today on groceries.  Very few munchies.  Drat.

I hadn't been feeling well all day, so I took a long nap after we got back home, around 4:30.  I slept for the better part of 3 hours.  I woke up in time to hear As It Happens on CBC radio as they discussed the highlights of music in 2012.  I was fascinated by the Malawi Mouse Boys.  They were quite literally discovered by a record exec who was driving down the road one day in Malawi and heard these guys.  They're called Mouse Boys because they make a meagre living selling mouse testicles, which are a delicacy to some people in some parts of the world.  Not here.

Let me stress that: Not here!

I thought I would close out 2012 by embedding one of their videos, of which there are several on youtube.  I quite like these guys and hope they make enough money from this gig so that they no longer have to sell mouse testicles to people who want to buy them, who don't live around here.

I hope you get a flavour for what these fellas are like.

See you in 2012!


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