Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Post 2216 - Hello, 2013!

Hello and welcome to 2013, humble readers!

I wish I could truthfully state that I had spent today running the roads and checking out the New Year's Levees, or even going to a movie.  But, we didn't do any of that stuff.  Instead, we just hung around the house, watching movies or playing with our cats.  I spent lots of time today doing laundry.  I can  state truthfully that I have enough clean underwear and shirts to last me for some time.  People at my work should be grateful for that, especially the folks in adjacent cubicles.

Newbie has been following me around like a bad penny all day.  I am surprised he doesn't stand up next to me when I'm having a pee.  He doesn't, but I think he wishes he could.

I guess I will list a few New Year's Resolutions.

1.  Lose Weight.  I have been on and off with the gym in recent months, mostly off.  I frigging swear that I will resume going to the gym.  I hate being there.  I hate going there.  But I almost always feel better after I have been there.  I have to hold on to those feelings as they will sustain me while I am going to the gym and while I am there.

2. Be more active overall.  Patricia is always on my case to go for walks in the neighbourhood.  I agree with her.  It is not a bad place at all, with only the odd murder and house break-in to taint one's positive perception of the place. It is well-list at night.  There is a lake nearby with ducks therein.  And there is a street from this neighbourhood to the adjoining one that is full of interesting streets and houses.  We can also cut through the walkway near my house and past the school to be in yet another neighbourhood where there are similar sights.  And don't forget about the very long trail system just a few minutes from the house.

3. Eat better.  I am winning the battle of the burgers.  I don't want pizza for a long time.  I only eat about 3 donairs a year.  I want to concentrate much, much more on healthy eating choices.

4. Socialize a bit more.  We have friends who keep wanting to go out with us.  Why are we not going out with them?  I don't have an answer for that except that I am self-conscious about my bad breath and smelly feet and tendency to pick my nose in public.   There's only so much a fellow can do to improve himself, you know what I mean?

5. Dwell on the positive more than the negative.  The glass is not half-empty with a crack in the bottom and somebody sucking out the liquid with a straw.  It is half full, darn it.  Half.  Full.

6. Focus on the things that I can control and just accept the things that I cannot change.  I keep telling myself that, but there are external elements which can conspire to make me think otherwise.  I have to accept them for what they are, or ignore them to the best of my ability.    As part of this, I will also endeavour not to roll my eyes when I hear what is obvious bullshit coming from someone.  I may continue to sigh, though.  I think #6 will be an iterative process.

I guess that's it.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

See you tomorrow.


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