Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post 2216 - Short and Sweet

First day of work in 2013.  A long afternoon meeting today.  And it's cold outside.

How cold?

I saw a politician walking down the street this morning, and he had his hands in his own pockets.  That's how cold.

It is also so cold that Newbie is looking at his paw, as if he were wearing a watch, and stamping his foot on the floor, wondering when I will finish this damned post so that he can snuggle up next to me and get warm again. 

There is a store next to where I work.  They sell a lot of low-end clothes and electronics and food and everything else.  Every time I buy something there, I do a hail mary and hope that it won't blow up in my face the first time I try to use it. 

Stopped off there during my lunch hour today.  They had not one, but two replacement remotes for $6.49.  You supply the batteries.  In a moment of pure whimsy, I bought the set.  This evening, I took a few minutes and got it to talk to a tv in the house.  I think these will be fine at my mother's, where I have an old tv whose remote is on its way out.  Should be fine.  And I got it for a good price.

Newbie doesn't care about the previous paragraph.  He is impatiently thumping his tail against the wall.  If he could sigh, he would. 

Patricia made dinner this evening.  It was salmon with some kind of coating on it that included cheese.  We have so much salmon in the house that if Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society found out, he'd come to my house and kick our asses and organize an official Bevboy boycott.  I would hate for that to happen, so we won't have any more salmon for a while.  Patricia will have to understand.

I guess that's it for tonight. 

Newbie, I'm on my way!

See you tomorrow.


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