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Post 2223 - More Fun With Favourites

It's got to be about 4 years ago the last time I did this feature.  I guess it's time to do it again.  If I ever find the earlier posts in this series, I will add the "Favourites" label to them as well.

The idea behind this extremely irregular series is that we all have bookmarks or favourites or whatever your browser calls them, that we saved once upon a time and never went back to, or that we visit quite often but we assume that nobody else we know does.

I thought I would list a few more of my "favourites", along with a short description and the actual url.

1. Max Allan Collins is one of my favourite writers.  I have been reading his novels, short stories, comics, grocery lists, love letters to his wife, whatever, for about 30 years now.  I have probably about 80 of his novels, and he probably has nearly as many again that I have yet to acquire.  He is a very prolific man.

For some 16 years he wrote the Dick Tracy comic strip, until he was let go from it around 1993.

Anyway, MAC has his own website, and he updates it at least once a week.  Sometimes, his son Nate adds some entries.  MAC also provides links to interviews he has done with other folks, and takes great delight in linking to websites that review his work, whether they like it or not.  I think Max Allan Collins is just swell.

Here's his website.    You're welcome.

2.  The Charley Project is arguably the world's largest database of missing persons cases.  It has about 9000 entries.  Each case has as many pictures as possible as well as quite a bit of detail.  9000 different MP cases.  The biggest surprise is that the entire thing is run by one person, a young woman named Meaghan Good.  She collects all the information, writes the descriptions, in short maintains the website all by herself.  Every time I look at myself and say what a good job I do updating this blog on a near-daily basis, I think of Meaghan and all the work she does and all the good she does, too.  I'm a fan.  We have exchanged a few emails.  She may even remember who I am if you write her and say hi for me.

Here's a link to the Charley Project.  If you find MP's interesting, then you can easily lose yourself in this website.  I especially like to read them in chronological order, as some entries go back 100 years.  The Sodder children entry from 1946 is especially gripping.

3.  Speaking of Missing Persons, there isn't much about missing folks in Nova Scotia.  The Halifax police website is frustratingly laconic about this, even though there are dozens of unsolved murders and missing persons just in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  Never mind the other parts of Nova Scotia.  There is no "Meaghan" in Nova Scotia who's willing to take on this work.

There is this web page, though, that discusses and theorizes on missing people in Nova Scotia.  Some of this speculation is nearly hysterical at times, but there is some interesting reading.  Of particular note are the young man who disappeared from Acadia University some 20 years ago, never to be seen again; and the young man who disappeared from a hospital about 25 years ago, also never to be seen again. The last one is especially compelling.  Depressed, it was thought that he leapt to his death from a hospital window.  Except that his body has never been found.  Brr!

Here's the link.  Especially interesting if you're from here.

4. Lastly, I don't get tired of this guy.  I don't think I would want to meet him.  But he makes a damn good point where it comes to selling one's labour and its perceived value when people hit him up to do stuff for them.  I have given up on the number of times people have asked me to fix their damn computer.  If I gave into every one of these "requests", there would be no time for Bevboy.  And, besides, these same people would charge me the same going rate for their own services, be it plumbing or carpentry or automobile repair.  They don't give away their services for free.  Why should I?

Read this.  Have a laugh.   And get the underlying message.  Also, check out the other entries on the left hand side of the link.  Funny stuff, with a message.

So, what are some of your favourite favourites/bookmarks/whatever's?  Share them with me via an comment to this post, or a comment on my FB, or a reply to the tweet that advertised this blog post, or an email to radiointerviews AT bevboysblog DOT Com.

And, should I do some more of these entries in this series, a little more often?  Do you like to read them?

See you tomorrow.


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