Thursday, January 10, 2013

Post 2224 - A Mini Rant

It is but one day away from the weekend.  Yay!

Patricia worked late this evening, which was fine, because I was off to upper Tantallon to see a fellow regarding an item he was selling on kijiji.  He was kind enough to hold the item for me until today, payday.  He didn't have to do that, but I appreciated his kindness.  I specifically told him that if any other offers came up that he should sell the item to that other person.  Ah, well.  I got a good deal.  Thanks, Nick.

Yes, I gave him a blog business card.  I have to get the word out somehow.  Don't judge me.

Afterward, I checked out the Tantallon library, which I had not visited in a few years.  It is a very nice library. 

Every time I go to that library, or the one in Clayton Park, or even (God help me!) the ancient main library in downtown Halifax, I become a little jealous.  I live in a part of the Halifax Regional Municipality that doesn't have much retail.  We have a Pharmasave drug store.  The best thing you can say about Pharmasave is that at least it isn't a Guardian Drugs.  We have had a Tim Horton's for several years now, but it's a damn wonder they bothered to open one.  There is a joint called The Timberlea Beverage Room, whose menu hasn't changed since the invention of food.  We have a few pizza places.  A Chinese food place that hasn't killed me yet.  A very few other places. 

But we have no library.  We have no grocery store.  The understanding is that we don't mind driving into Bayer's Lake to do our shopping, or Tantallon.  I have nothing against either place; I just wish we had more amenities out here.  I am a little surprised that I am on city water and sewer and have a high speed internet connection.  After all, we are in a seemingly disadvantaged part of town. 

I have no idea why things are this way.  Many thousands of people live out here, and they are building an upscale community called Brunello Estates that will potentially attract plenty more.  The folks who gravitate there will look askance at the dearth of shopping and retail and wonder why they bothered to move there in the first place.  At least they will have a nice golf club at which to work out their aggression.

I'd just be happy to have a damn library within walking distance of my home.

Go ahead.  Tell me about the vast shopping opportunities in your backyard.  Drive me to drink or something.

See you tomorrow.


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