Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Post 2230 - Well, That Was Fun!

It is 9:45 on Wednesday night.  We got a decent snowfall today, and as usual, the drive home was an adventure.

But we were also supposed to have a Toastmasters meeting tonight.  I dutifully cleaned off my car and crept downtown.  I found a parking space on Granville Street.  I checked my BlackBerry and discovered that tonight's meeting was canceled after all, while I was driving my car downtown.  It is just as well, because any route outbound was severely backed up by thousands of cars. 

I called Patricia, who was happy to learn that I would not be going to TM after all.  Since I was across the street from MEC, and since my sling bag is starting to wear out, I dashed in to the store and looked at the ones there.  They had plenty of them, almost as if the Korean sweatshop they got them from got paid a 2 cent per hour premium to produce a few extra for that store in Halifax.  The only problem is that the one I wanted was a color I couldn't be caught dead with.  Some kind of girly color.  No, thanks.

(Actually, if anyone at my work is reading this and still has the sling bag we got a couple years ago and no longer wants it, then I can take it off your hands.  Just saying.)

The traffic was still outrageous.  We decided to get dinner at the Pogue Fado on Barrington Street.  That place has been many things over the years, and the Pogue Fado has been in that space for quite a few years.  The most famous restaurant that the space ever was called was during the war and several years after, when the area was known as the Green Lantern restaurant.  I have always wondered if the building and the eating place got its name from the Green Lantern above the door to the place, or if it got its nickname from the superhero of the same name.   But you don't care.

We ate our dinner.  We got to the car, which was covered with the white stuff that doesn't interest Charlie Sheen.   We cleaned off the car and began to creep home. 

The roads were a mess.  They had been plowed in the same way that Lindsay Lohan has cleaned up her life.  Up and down the hills we went, driving past people who were off the road.  Some of those folks had passed as earlier.  Hee hee. 

We got home around 8pm.  We fed the cats and have been relaxing ever since. 

Tomorrow, if the roads are anything but pristine, we will take the damned bus.  Life is too short to deal with driving when you don't have to. 

In other news, I asked folks to tell me they want out of the blog.  I have decided to follow most of their advice.  I was gratified to see that my 4.7 readers are passionate about this blog.  Thank you.

I haven't booked any interviews in several months.  I needed a break from them.  But they're also the thing I'm best known for, in pockets of the country actually.  I will book at least one over the next few days.  And I think I will revisit some of the "Year in Review" series from last year and add some stories that I didn't think of at the time.   I hope you like them. 

I will also resume the "Early Bevboy" series, which is kinda like the "Year in Review" series.  There is also the series in which I discuss dumb things that have happened to me in my long, eventless life.  And I still have some entries in the "Things in Halifax That Don't Make Sense" series.  I will dust them off soon. 

I will not say that the best is yet to come with this blog.  It gets harder and harder to come up with something new and interesting every day, but I will keep trying. 

Thank you, my friends.

Tomorrow, it all starts again!  I hope all 4.7 of you come along for the ride.


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