Monday, January 21, 2013

Post 2235 - The View From Here

I am composing this silly little blog post on my netbook computer.  I don't use this machine enough.  3usb ports, webcam, sd card, 2 speakers and other stuff, all in a form factor not much bigger than a tablet.  Who needs one of those?

Long day at work today.  I got a call this morning from my sister telling me that my mother had had some chest pains over night and was off to the hospital.  I was pretty stressed for the next 4 hours until 2:30, when my mother called and reported that she was back home and doing much better.  Phew!

The stress triggered a migraine headache, which has been percolating all evening.  A nap after dinner didn't help matters.  I am such a whiner, aren't I?

Patricia took a sick day today; there has been a cold going through her work, knocking people on their buttocks, and now it's her turn.  Which means that  will get the cold soon.   Yeah.  I'm a whiner.

To cheer myself up, I will be up until after 11pm watching "The Following", the show in which Kevin Bacon tracks down a serial killer.

What's going on in  your world?  And, what are you wearing, anyway?  It helps me visualize my 4.7 readers if I know what duds they're wearing when they read the blog?  Even if you read this post 6 months after I write it, go ahead and tell me what you're wearing.  Type it slowly to give me the full effect.  That will really cheer me up.

See you tomorrow.


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