Thursday, January 24, 2013

Post 2238 - Thursday Night

It was Payday today.  Yay!

Patricia returned to work today.  To "celebrate", I treated her to breakfast at the Ardmore Tea Room.  I had something with meat.  Patricia did, too.

Had the second part of the webinar today.  Bursting with new-found knowledge, I produced all manner of reports.

After work, Patricia wanted me to meet her at Planet Organic on Quinpool Road.  In the States they have a series of grocery stores called Whole Foods Market.  They sell all kinds of organic this and free-range that.  Things are pretty expensive there, to the point where some people call it "Whole Paycheck Market".  Ha ha.

Planet Organic isn't that far off the mark either.  Patricia spent nearly 100 dollars there this evening.  Everything fit into two cloth shopping bags.  Comfortably.  Things she put back without purchasing included a pasta salad no bigger than a thimble for 5 dollars.  They sold chicken salad sandwiches made of special chickens or something.  Six dollars if you don't mind.  A veggie sandwich was a mere five dollars.  A bag of Just US coffee that would set us back $11 most anywhere else goes for $13 there.  I guess it's extra special coffee, even though it's in the same kind of bag.

She did get a  bag of cereal that contains a nearly obscene amount of roughage.  After eating a bowl of it, you had better have a clear path to a washroom, any washroom, even one not for your sex.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The cereal cost more than most of the items of clothing I wear to work.    Even the Kraft Dinner substitutes are expensive there.

Eventually, my house will be paid for.  At that time, I will have substantial equity at my disposal.  At that time, I can get a reverse mortgage or something and go to Planet Organic and buy one of everything.  I will feast on food stuffs whose names I cannot pronounce, made of things I wouldn't recognize if I saw them.  I will wash my hair with shampoo that will make my hair that much more beautiful than it is by default.  And the antiperspirant!  It will be like flying in the clouds.

I look forward to it.

After we left Planet Organic, I very gingerly place the victuals in the trunk of my car.  We wandered over to the vet place next door and got cat food.  We had run out of the dry stuff a couple of days ago.  The cats were not impressed.

We returned to the car and drove the very short distance to go have dinner at... The Ardmore Tea Room.  Twice in one day.  What are the odds?  I had corned beef and cabbage (yes, I have a clear path to the washroom).  Patricia had fish and chips.  They included a soup of the day, a hot beverage, and rice pudding for dessert.

We returned home.  I fed the cats, who swarmed around the food like locusts descending on a frightened cow.   Patricia went to bed, very early.  I came down here to my home office, my sanctum sanctorum, my Fortress of Bevboyitude.  I ended up watching "28 Days Later".  I hadn't seen it in years.  I had forgotten how good that movie is.  I haven't seen the sequel yet, "28 Weeks Later".  Where are "28 Fortnights Later" and "28 Months Later"?  Are they in the works?  Would that guy from "Ain't It Cool News" know?

It is now 10:30.  I have to do some online banking and turn in.  Gonna be a long day tomorrow.  At least it will be Friday.

See you tomorrow, my 4.7 readers!


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