Friday, January 25, 2013

Post 2239 - Friday Is Here

It's Friday night, and relatively late.  I will be turning in soon.

Patricia took another sick day today.  When I think about how sick she has been this week, and how many people at my work are coughing and gobbing, I feel doomed.  My chances of coming down with this cold are good, and getting better all the time.  I should buy lottery tickets.

I discovered a usb port on the front of our cable boxes this evening.  I plugged in a thumb drive, but nothing happened.  Does anyone know why cable boxes have usb ports on them? 

Let's see here.

Newbie has been circumspect all evening.  All over me when he wanted to eat something.  Now, he is on the couch next to me, probably waiting for me to go to bed so that he can follow me there.  He will have to wait a little while longer. 

I am trying to figure out what I will do this weekend.  I know there's work to be done around the house, quite a bit of in fact, but how much of it will actually get done?  In all likelihood, not that much.

I need to wash more underwear.  When you wear a fresh pair every day, you go through a lot of foundation garments.  Should I adopt the routine developed by some guys, who wear their undies inside out from time to time, or do not wear them at all?  Your feedback, please. 

Newbie is looking at me in that way that only a cat can do.  A mixture of admiration, love, and condescension.  Maybe a guy who reviews Shakespearian plays for a living could muster up that combination, but I don't know any folks  with that unique skill set, so I am speculating.

I guess I'll call it a night.

It's a night.

Think I've used that joke before. 

See you tomorrow.


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