Sunday, January 27, 2013

Post 2241 - Sunday

It is Sunday night.  Patricia is still coughing up a lung.  And by some miracle, I still haven't caught what she has. 

By all rights, I should be as sick as a dog.  As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of sick folks at my work who heroically came into work over the last week or so.  And with Patricia's ongoing cold, and my proximity to her, I should be down for the count.  But here I am.

I spent several more hours today doing laundry.  While that was happening, I was in my home office watching a couple of movies.  I watched "28 Weeks Later".  The running time was about 96 minutes, but it felt like 28 weeks.   Danny Boyle keeps threatening promising to make another sequel.  I am not looking forward to it.

I don't care very much, but it is nice to see more local content on local television.  Global is launching a new morning show starting at 6am.  It is about time that Breakfast Television (excuse me, "CTV Morning Live") had some competition.  The cool thing is that, even at the cottage, where we do not have cable or satellite, and likely never will, we will be able to watch this new Global morning show if we want to, as it will be on an over-the-air channel. 

I may not be sick, but I frigged up my right arm in the last few hours.  If I move it a certain way, I feel a stabbing pain in the upper part.   But don't worry, folks.  This is not affecting my typing. 

What else is shaking around Casa Bevboy?  Not much.  Newbie is impatiently waiting for me to turn in.  Typical cat.  I wonder if he was a woman in a previous life?

Did I mention last week that I have booked my newest blog interview?   No?  Well, I have booked my latest blog interview.  This interview has been over a year in the making, folks.  The reason why it has been gestating so long will become very clear when you read it in its entirety.  The sitdown is a week from Thursday.  It promises to be a very controversial interview.  I will leave it at that.

I guess that it's for tonight. 

See you tomorrow, all 4.7 of you. 


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