Thursday, January 31, 2013

Post 2245 - A (Sort Of) Day Off

Patricia is still sick.  She was not getting better.  I thought I should take a day off and help her out, so I did.

I have made meals today and made and delivered tea to her.  Kept her company.   But above all, I have left her alone to sleep.

It  is now past 9:30pm.  Tomorrow I shall return to work just in time to meet the weekend.  I was slated to visit my mother this weekend to take her shopping and all the rest.  But if Patricia is not on the mend by the weekend, I should stay here.

I am getting quite a bit of feedback on yesterday's post, all about whether one should put one or two spaces at the end of each sentence when you type something.

Two spaces looks so much better to me.  I am unaware of any standard at my work regarding this burning issue, and they have standards on everything.   I have never had my boss, or any boss I have ever had in my entire working life, take me aside and tell me to put one space or two spaces after each sentence.  I guess I will remain rebellious and keep using two.  I have always been a scamp that way.

Deborah wrote that at Acadia University that she was specifically told to put two spaces after each sentence, and has carried this practice over to her working life.  Disabusing her of this habit would be a challenge for her, as it would be for me.   I would spend my time wondering what all the fuss was about.  Anyway, it might surprise Deborah to learn, as it did me, that many professors at Acadia are now making it a point to tell students to put just one space after a period.  I do not know what the consequence would be to students who ignored this edict and used two.  I know universities all put a great deal of emphasis on academic integrity.  I can't imagine that it would extend to how many spaces one uses after a given sentence.  Would a student lose marks if he did not heed his professor's commandment regarding how many spaces to use after the end of a sentence? 

Once again, I am surprised that people would have so much time on their hands that they would write in favour of either choice.  If that is all you have to write about in life, then your life is as carefree as we would all want ours to be.   If your blood is boiling right now, if your bile is rising, if your gorge is buoyant, then I'm sorry, but you don't have much to worry about in your life.

I think I've exhausted this topic.  I probably did last evening.

See you tomorrow.


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