Sunday, February 3, 2013

Post 2248 - My Sunday

I should write this quickly in case the power goes out, like it has at the Superdome.  I only know this because I tuned into CNN and Don Lemon is talking about it.  Trust me: I am not watching the Super Bowl.

I spent quite some time today washing the dishes that needed to be cleaned.  It took quite some time, as you might imagine.  And tonight, I cleaned off my car and removed the snow from the driveway and front steps.  The major snowstorm that we were supposed to get today turned out to be much less than that. 

Patricia made a wonderful dinner tonight.  It was a Manhatten clam chowder.  I had three bowls of it.  There might be enough left for lunch tomorrow, but I am not guaranteeing it.

This past weekend was very restful.  Patricia will return to work on Monday, just in time to meet the freezing rain.  And I still put two spaces after each sentence.  And you can't stop me, because, after all, it's Bevboy's Blog and not your blog.  If you start your own blog, you can have as many spaces after a sentence as you want.  Three spaces.  Four.  Whatever.

Have you watched "Tucker and Dale Versus Evil" yet?  Why not?

I guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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