Monday, February 4, 2013

Post 2249 – Samson the Cat, Parts Eight - Ten

It’s been a little while since Mark Dooley’s last chapter to this saga, but he has made up for it by posting 3 chapters at once.


Thank you, as always, my friend.  This latest storyline, about a special cat, has been especially compelling for me.


Our cats, our dogs, do not live forever.  Hug them and hold them while you have them.  I mean, Newbie tries my patience when he wants to be fed at 3 in the morning, but he’s still my buddy.   Demon kinda looks a bit like Newbie, now that you mention it.


See you guys tomorrow.



Ken said...

I am moved that this and your comments have been published by you today of all days, Bev.

Late this afternoon my 16 year old cat, Smokey, who was my best friend and buddy passed away. He has been ill since just before Christmas, spending several days between Christmas and the New Year in the hospital. Today I found him virtually unresponsive and rushed him to the vet, staying with him until he had peacefully left me. He will be cremated and his ashes returned to me. I don't know why I am talking about this here - it has been a terrible day. I have just lost a member of the family.

As you say, hug your pets and hold them while you have them. Their unconditional love is one of life's joys and seems so fleeting.


Bevboy said...

Ken, that was very touching.

I had a cat when I was 16, for about 6 years. We called him JR, because we found him in the summer of 1980, and that was when the whole "Who Shot JR?" thing was going on?

We were buddies, but I became busy with university. To my shame, I neglected him. He grew wilder and ran outside more and more until one night he didn't come home. I am guessing some animal got him, or he was hit by a car.

I still think about him from time to time.

That's why Newbie stays inside 99% of the time. The 1% is when I transport him to my mother's or to the cottage or the vet or something. Otherwise, he is inside, and loves it.

I'm very sorry for your loss. When you feel up to it, please consider visiting the Wolfville Animal Hospital on Front Street. They have quite a few cats they would love to see adopted. You deserve a new buddy.


deboss1 said...

Our newest cat, Snowflake, has been a cat used to the outdoors, but she has become quite the indoor cat. I think she, too, was neglected by her previous owners and she's realized what a good thing she has staying indoors with us.

Even Syryn has pretty much stopped hissing at her and they often sleep together on our bed.

By all means, Ken, find yourself a new buddy when the time is right. I'm so sorry for your loss, but things will get better.

Ken said...

Thanks very much, Bevboy and deboss1, for your thoughts.

In the past we have often rescued pets - at least one, Bev, from the Wolfville Animal Hospital. Another of our cats came from New Brunswick through a website that my wife watched regularly. But not this time.

Three weeks ago this coming Sunday my wife hosted a committee meeting of the Maritime Rabbit Breeders Association. One of the families that attended was aware of Smokey's illness and wanted to help. They brought two kittens, a brother and sister, and when they introduced them to me they said that I could have either, both or none of the kittens, not to replace Smokey but to help me through his illness. Something to focus on, if you will.

I hadn't planned on an addition to the family so soon, but I just couldn't say no after they had brought the kittens all the way from Truro. I chose the young male. I named him Rue. Yes, after a character in The Hunger Games. He has settled in well, driving us nuts with his energy and melting my heart with his purrs.

As I say above, Smokey will never be replaced. He was the best, most loving cat that I have ever had.

But Rue is pretty cool too.

Thank you both for your words. You, too, have helped me get through the last few days.