Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post 2250 - Phew!

Today was one of those work days where I started working at 8, and began a big task at 9.  That task took me until about 1:30.  Other than 15 minutes to eat some stew, I worked straight through until it was done.

In between and afterward, there were other tasks that demanded my attention.

It was a very long day.

Patricia had a migraine headache today and stayed home.  After work, I opted to go to a pretty good Chinese restaurant place in Fairview.  My friend Franki/Hong worked there several years ago, and I started to like the place a lot.  I got Patricia hooked in 2012.

I got chicken fried rice, lemon chicken, and 2 egg rolls.  A huge portion.  I ate about a third of it, and the rest will be my lunch on Wednesday.  Patricia's was chicken balls (they were so big, they were more like bull balls) with chicken fried rice and honey garlic spare ribs and an egg roll.  She reported that the ribs were excellent.  I don't care for ribs, so I will take her word for it.   They are probably the second best egg rolls I have ever had.  The first best are the egg rolls at King's Palace on Quinpool Road.  They look like little cigar butts, but taste wonderful.  Get some.   Tell them Bevboy sent you.

After dinner we watched a bit of television.  She went to bed before 8.  I have been down here in my home office ever since, doing laundry and trying to understand how a relatively small video file barely plays on some pretty spiffy computers.  Other files are larger and play just fine.  Very confusing.

Newbie is next to me on a bookcase, looking for all the world like a bookend: Tall, majestic, and totally cool.  I wish I had his life.

Tomorrow is my Friday.  I am off work for Thursday and Friday to tend to some matters in the Annapolis Valley.  But fear not, effendi.  I will continue to write blog posts.  I won't let you down.

If you haven't already, please read the comments associated with post 2249.  My friend Ken wrote that he lost his cat on the very day I published that post.  I hope he found a measure of comfort in it.  Like I said last night, folks, hug your pets while you have them.  In fact, you shouldn't even call them pets.  They're your buddies.  If you love them, they will love you back.

Except Newbie, of course.  He pretends otherwise.

See you tomorrow.


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