Friday, February 8, 2013

Post 2253 - Library Blogging

This post comes from the Port Williams library.  I got here a little while ago after running some errands for my mother. 

I would normally be writing this from a laptop, but for some reason it could not and would not connect.  I could establish an internet connection, but no combination of username and pin# would let me do anything.  The librarian hadn't a clue why it wouldn't work, and I can't be bothered looking into it.  There was an available pc, so I grabbed it.  The problem is that I can't stay here indefinitely.  I will have to log off within 30 minutes or so.  Should be enough time.

You have heard all about the impending storm.  Not since White Juan in 2004 have we been warned more about a snow storm.  Part of me hopes that it is even worse than what they predict.  We will just hire some local kids to shovel us out.

You wouldn't know there was a storm coming.  It is calm and peaceful outside, if a little cold.  The air is fresh, and my boots squeak on the snow and floor as if they were crying out for oil.  I would not be confused with a ninja today.

I remain at my mother's until at least Sunday.  I say "at  least", because it appears as though Sunday will consist of white out conditions as well.  If it does, I will stay one more night.  Works for me.  My mother's cable includes AMC, and "The Walking Dead" returns Sunday night.  Can't miss that.  It's a man's soap opera. 

Newbie mewls a lot.  Especially since I came up here yesterday.  He hangs around me like a love sick puppy dog.  Come to think of it, he also plays fetch and begs for kitchen scraps, the way a dog would.  Maybe he has identity issues.  Perhaps I should contact an animal psychologist and get her to put Newbie on the couch.  Maybe she could get to the bottom of his obvious problems and put him on the road to a happy and healthy life. 

Or maybe I'm over analyzing this. 

What do you think?  Are there even animal psychologists in Nova Scotia?  Does anybody reading this know?  Sounds like a pretty specialized field to get into.  Maybe I missed my calling. 

Guess that's it for tonight.  My half hour is running out rapidly.

See you tomorrow.  I will let you know how the storm is working out for us. 


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