Saturday, February 9, 2013

Post 2254 - Valley Blizzard Time

I still think the storm could have been worse, but it was bad enough.

Slept in. Cooked steel cut oats for Mom and me. Prepared lunch. Ate it. I was 5 minutes away from doing the dishes when the power went off.

The power was out for 6 hours. I watched a tv show on my laptop. I lay down and slept most of the rest of the afternoon. I guess it was a form of hibernation. Meanwhile, "Momma Bear" slept a lot as well.

At around 5:50, almost exactly 6 hours after we lost power, it came back on. Just in time, too, because the house was so cold we could almost see our breath.

6 hours later, we're feeling much better. It may be expensive, but electricity is so important to things working smoothly that your life virtually falls apart when you don't have it. If you've ever wondered why I've never gone camping, this paragraph should go a long way toward explaining it.

It has been a cold, snowy, windy day. Sunday promises more of the same. Just lovely. Storm stayed much?

How have you coped today?

See you tomorrow.


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