Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post 2259 - Tomorrow Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

It is just past 9pm.  I am trying to watch the first episode of "Zero Hour" while I compose this post.  And I am excited.

Maybe too strong a word.

I mentioned last evening how the plumber had to reschedule very suddenly.  That meant that rather than get the basement situation repaired today, Thursday, he would be unable to come over until Monday.  Meanwhile, a Winter storm is scheduled for Sunday, making a visit to my home unlikely on Monday.  Sigh.

Patricia asked around and got the name of a local plumber.  Turns out he is available on Friday.  Yay!  I quickly rescinded my vacation day for today and requested the 15th off instead.

Patricia has lots of plans for this man.  In addition to fixing the flooding, she wants new taps installed in the bathroom and in the kitchen.  She wants a new toilet installed.  We both want to replace the hot water tank, even if this is not the problem downstairs.  The tank is at least 12 years old, already in the house when I moved in in January of 2001. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day here at Casa Bevboy.  I will fill you in on what happens here, tomorrow night, after the mess is all over. 

He will be here in just under 12 hours.   I can't wait. 


I am excited.

See you tomorrow.


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