Friday, February 15, 2013

Post 2260 - Much Better

It is some 11 hours since the plumber left.  It was a very productive day.

They arrived here around 9 this morning.  We ushered them downstairs to where the hot water tank was.  After a few minutes of poking around, the plumber pronounced that there was a leak in the tank.

This is good news in that we could just replace the tank with another one.  There was no structural problem with the house that had caused the problem. 

They happened to have brought a hot water tank with them.   Bernie and his assistant, Luke, removed the old tank and installed the new one.  They used the shop vac to suck up as much of the puddle of water as possible.  The water that had crept into the sub floor was  making its way onto the cement where the tank was.  Leaving the shop vac on and turning on the dehumidifier has, just 11 hours later, resulted in a much improved area.  We are hoping that by the end of the weekend that the area will be pretty much dry again.  Maybe a little bit of bleach would kill any mould that comes along.

The guys weren't done yet.  We got them to replace the kitchen faucet with a new one that my father had given us a few years ago.  Meanwhile, Luke was upstairs replacing the toilet we no longer wanted with a brand new one. 

Patricia had left the house 90 minutes or so earlier to go buy some new taps for the bathroom sink.  I called her and got her to come back as soon as possible, as they would need the new taps sooner rather than later.  She literally arrived just as Luke was transporting the old faucet outside to their truck.  She handed him the bag containing the new faucet; 15 minutes later it was installed as well.

So, now, we have a brand new hot water tank.  The moisture should be gone within a few days.  We have a new faucet in the kitchen.  We have a new toilet upstairs.  And we have a new faucet in the upstairs bathroom.  We also have a pretty significant bill bill to pay.  As much as it is, it was all worth it.

We started the day with a pretty major flood in a portion of my rec room.  We end the day with that problem solved and a few other irritations fixed as well.  I would call this a good day.

It is the beginning of the weekend.  Tomorrow we will start cleaning up the mess that the boys created today in the execution of their duties.   We will take longer showers again.  We will  not have to worry about 2 sets of faucets that were on their way out.  And the new throne upstairs should be able to handle the after effects of a baked bean supper. 


A good day.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

See you then.


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