Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post 2264 - Bevboy's In Love!

Patricia's still sick.  I  ended up taking her to the doctor this morning.  She will be off for the rest of this week.

I think you'll be pleased to learn that the cement area under the stairs leading  into the rec room is now pretty much dry.  It has taken the replacement of the hot water tank followed by 4 days of a dehumidifier doing its thing, along with a shop vac doing its thing for most of that time as well.  There is still some moisture in the laundry room, but that should be gone by week's end.  Yay.

On the way home from the doctor's this morning, I decided to take a few minutes and go to the European Farmer's Market in Bayer's Lake.  It is off the beaten path a bit.  You should take the park entrance with the Tim Horton's and Wendy's, follow along to the first intersection, and hang a right, driving past the XS Cargo store.  A little bit further down that road, on the left, is a strip mall, and the Farmer's Market is there. 

It is just swell.  Wonderful place.  The owner is Greek, and the main staff person is, too.  They get many of their products from Greece.  If you are used to eating oranges that come here from Florida or whatever, and wonder what the fuss is all about, and perhaps even find the damned things tasteless, then get ur arse to that farmer's market and get some oranges.  I don't typically care for that kind of citrus because I'd thought it was inedible.  But I quickly became addicted to the oranges and the Mandarin oranges they had.  Juicy.  Delicious.  And I want some more.  A lot more.  I may even get one before I turn in this evening, and it's nearly 11pm.

The staff person, Helen, was so happy with our enthusiasm for the place that she gave me a bag of these oranges to take into my work.  I have resisted temptation not to eat any of them and will take them in tomorrow.  Hey, folks at my work: If you want to eat the best damned orange in your life, bar none, go to the kitchen first thing Wednesday morning and get from the main table.  You will probably want a second one, but save them for other folks who will be seduced by this amazing fruit. 

We bought a bunch of them today.  Our private stash.  I will take a few of them for myself tomorrow.  No, you can't  have any of mine.  If the freebies are gone from the kitchen, too bad.  Buy your own.  And if you don't work where I do, then you will either have to go get the specialized training that I possess and apply for and  obtain a job at my work and then grab a free orange; or go to that farmer's market and buy some for yourself.  You'll thank me.  I know you will. 

Oh, I don't earn anything from this recommendation.  Unless Helen has plans for me. I hope she does.  I'd love to work there.  They wouldn't even have to pay me.  Just give me all the oranges I can eat and we're square.

Is it Wednesday yet?  Time to get up and go to work and eat some more oranges?  No?  Crap!

See you tomorrow.  It can't get here soon enough!


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