Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Post 2265 - Ask Me A Question

I was conscripted to do a speech at Toastmasters this evening.  I decided it would be a W5 speech, in which I invited each member to ask me a single question. 

It worked out very well.  I was asked some pretty interesting questions, many from out of left field.

It has inspired me.

Anyone reading this blog post may ask me any question he or she wants.  You may post a comment to this blog post, respond to the tweet that heralds this post, reply the Facebook post that points to this post, or email me here

This post will likely never be deleted.  This means that if someone reads this post in 2018, or 2022, and wants to ask me a question, I will be very happy to answer it.

Write away.  I look forward to what you want to ask me.

See you tomorrow.


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