Friday, February 22, 2013

Post 2267 - The Weekend Is Here! W00t!

It is 11:45 Friday night.  I will be turning in shortly.

After work this evening, Patricia and I had dinner with Julia Kirkey, late of K-Rock in New Minas, late of MBS in Halifax.  I hadn't seen her in some time, and it was fun to catch up.

Mel Sampson's last day at K-Rock was today.  I just regret that I did not hear much of the show at all.  Julia says she can get me a copy of the logger tape, and I hope she can.  She apparently had a lot of special guests in studio with her today. 

After dinner with Julia, I went to the local Staples and treated myself to a 32gb thumb drive, on sale for $15.  Good price.  Not as good a price as the 64gb thumb drive they were selling there for 20 bucks several months ago. 

I got home around 9.  Patricia had chosen to get some victuals at the Sobeys in Clayton Park, and arrived home around half way through the episode of Dexter I was watching at the time.   This past season has been a tough slog for me.  I still have 3 episodes to go.  Patricia doesn't like the show, so I have to watch it on my own. 

Thursday night, I watched my final episode of "Zero Hour".  This is because I think the show sucks scissors, and donkey spit, and armpit hair, and any other disgusting thing you can think of.   The ratings were very poor for the first episode a week ago.  They were even lower last evening.  I don't think I have to worry too much about missing an episode, because I doubt if it will be on the air by next week. 

Heading in to a weekend.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook will see what the big deal is for me, come Saturday.   I will leave it to your imagination.

Long day.  Guess I'll turn in.  Will be a busy day for me tomorrow!

See you then.


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