Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post 2269 - My Sunday

Well, I wish I could say I had set the world on fire today, but that was not the case.  We both slept in until quite late, aided and abetted by our cats.  After I fed them early this morning, they left us alone until a time I don't feel prepared to discuss with you.

I had every intention, honestly, to try to get that printer working on my linux machines and on my network, but I didn't.  I am hoping to get to it after work on Monday.  I already have someone who's willing to buy it if I can't get it working. 

Newbie has been a relatively good cat today.  He hasn't picked any fights with Cindy.  He hasn't agitated to be fed, at least as much as normal.   And he has taken to parking himself on the scratching post in the living room and staying there for hours on end.  

Patricia made 2 pizzas for dinner tonight.  I will be taking a piece or two for work tomorrow.  Drop by my desk and I will show it to you.   She also bought quite a bit more fruit last night at the farmer's market whose virtues I extolled last week.  I have tried not to make a pig of myself with it this time.   Of course, the birthday cake took some of the edge off.

Return to work tomorrow.  After the news I heard last week regarding a friend of mine who lost their job in radio, I have to be grateful that I still have work when so many others don't.   I have to try not to lose sight of that. 

I will get to work transcribing the balance of the interview I conducted the other night, tomorrow.  Should be pretty controversial when it does run. 

See you tomorrow.


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