Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post 2273 - Valley Time

These humble words come from my mother's home in the Annapolis Valley. I will be here through Wednesday.

I have plenty to do over the next few days. I need to return a media player I bought Wednesday evening. I haven't even opened it. Someone on kijiji was sellling a media player that had far more features and cost much less. I bought that one after work this evening and brought it here with me. Love it so far. The thought of watching movies and tv shows stored on a thumb drive is very appealing. I should get one for the cottage and keep it there.

I also brought with me the Samsung printer that my friend Ken wants to buy from me. He's tentatively coming over on Friday.

Newbie came down with me. He may forgive me by the time I need to return to the city on Wednesday night. He's good at giving me the cold shoulder.

What else? I acquired a fluorescent light fixture recently. It will be installed in the garage once the weather improves but I will store out there until I get it installed. It's fairly large.

Mom will want to shop, sooner rather than later. She always does. Always. I am happy that I can have a day to get ready for this ordeal.

As the time approaches I will get into what will happen next week. Wednesday will be crazy busy.

Guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Bev Keddy
via his BlackBerry

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