Sunday, March 31, 2013

Post 2301 - Easter Visit

Hi. It's pushing midnight. The season ender to The Walking Dead is over (farewell, xxxxxx!) and I will be turning in soon. Been a long day.

(Aside: I read recently that "The Talking Dead", in which folks discuss the episode of TWD that just aired, gets better ratings than most shows on NBC. Says something, huh? End of aside.)

I cooked lunch for me and Gayle and my mother. It was fresh Atlantic salmon in a maple glaze with mashed potatoes and peaches and cream corn. Pretty good. Gayle ate 2 platefuls and I offered her another helping to take home.

Mom visited the house today, the house where she lived for more than 50 years. I had to make sure the house was presentable so I ran through the place doing a quick clean up. She gave me a look when I told her where the bathroom was.

After lunch Gayle and Mom went through Mom's things to decide which clothing items to take to her room, which ones to keep here until a later date, and which ones to donate to charity. I stayed out of the fray.

I have stayed in this evening. I borrowed the latest "Children of the Corn" movie from the library on Saturday. Barely 90 minutes long, it seemed like 12 hours. Glad it wasn't a rental or a dvd purchase and that I didn't waste bandwidth downloading the thing. Can't wait to return it on Monday.

I have a bunch of errands to run in the morning should turn in.

See you tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Post 2300 - Saturday

First of all, welcome to post 2300!

My day was eventful. Drove all over the place looking for a slab of Atlantic salmon, the only kind worth eating. That and the maple syrup and brown sugar glaze should make for a pretty good meal.

Treated myself to lunch out today. There's a pretty damned good Chinese buffet in Coldbrook. I hadn't been there in some time and it was just as good this time as it has been other times.

Visited Mom this evening. She says hello. She's looking forward to coming over tomorrow for Easter lunch. It will be her first time in the house since her last hospital visit and her move to the home. I guess I should clean up here a little bit. Or not. How about not?

Newbie is running around, trying to get my attentIon. Does he want yet more food? Does he have a hollow paw or something?

Got an early day tomorrow. Guess I should turn in.

Ciao for now.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Post 2299 - Valley Time

These words come from my mother's house. Of course, she no longer lives here. It's Newbie and me for a couple of days.

I slept in this morning after my headache last night. I thought food might help. Patricia and I got some breakfast at Smitty's in Bayers Lake/Clayton Park. While there I wrote a guy selling a 2tb harddrive on kijiji. He lived 5 minutes from there.

We drove to the man's apartment building. While looking for a parking space we noticed a man dressed in black just standing there. He looked at us and we at him. As we drove past him we noticed that he appeared to be taking a piss. Pretty much out in the open. One doesn't see that in Halifax very often.

We parked. Buddy got in his car and drove off. I went into the building to the man's apartment and bought the hard drive.

We got back to the house. I still needed a nap. I slept until 2pm. Got up for a few minutes and slept for 3 more hours. Finally got up and wrangled Newbie and packed a few things and drove here. I hooked up the free tv I picked up on the tv stand I got for 20 bucks. Works great.
In the morning I will get up and head into town to get some victuals for Easter dinner. Leaning toward salmon. Nobody in the family likes ham.
I've always wondered why Easter and crappy pig meat go together. It's not in the bible. The folks whose holidays were co-opted by Christians did not, to my knowledge, eat ham. How ham became mixed up with this holiday makes no sense whatsoever. What are your theories?

Newbie has spent much of the evening running around the house. Now he's sitting next to me probably waiting for me to turn in. Do I have yet more sleep in me? Let's find out!

See you tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Post 2298 - Headache

One of those nights that I slept and did nothing else. Migraines are such fun!

Will write more on ... Good Friday!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Post 2297 - Wednesday

It's after 10pm.  I will turn in relatively shortly.

Patricia was out somewhere this evening, and I had to pick her up after it was over.  I killed some time beforehand by purchasing a used tv stand to replace the one that my mother has in  her nursing home room.  The house needed a replacement stand, and it will now have one, effective Friday.  I know you care deeply.  You care as much as I would if you spent too much time and money at any particular Winner's store. 

We got home after 9.  We fed the cats.  Newbie ate and is now nuzzling against me, as if he were a woman ovulating.  If he could read he would probably be offended by that last statement.  I know I would be.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week.  I will be going to my mother's on Good Friday for the Easter weekend.  I will continue to blog, though.  I know you worry about me when I don't.  Don't worry about me.  After all, I don't worry about you. 

Looking forward to another break.  Is it time to retire yet?

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Post 2296 - Tuesday

Hi.  It's just past 8pm.  As I am fighting some kind of cold or infection or something, i will turn in shortly.   Yeah.  8pm.  Going to bed.  Who's pushing 50?

After work we went to the Lower Deck in Clayton Park.  We had a nice dinner, but I remain puzzled by the concept of "boneless chicken wings".  We all know they're not wings.  I know.  You know.  The kid down the street knows.  What has happened is that actual chicken wings, with a max of 2 per bird, have become so expensive that it is cheaper for folks to take chicken breast meat and beat it into a shape vaguely resembling a wing.  They usually bread the "wings" and put other stuff on them to make them as unpalatable as possible.   That's what they serve you.  Yeah.  We had some.  No.  We won't have any more.  I have half a mind to make myself sick to get the taste and experience out of my system.

That was our "appetizer".  It stretches that term.  We didn't want to eat anything more; we just wanted the crap we had just eaten expunged from our bodies.  But I ate some of the chicken scallopini and will consume the rest of it at lunch tomorrow.  Patricia ate some of her fish and chips and has a similar feeling about the rest of her meal. 

After dinner we checked out the new Value Village store in Bayer's Lake.  The original store was pretty big, but the new one is easily 3 times larger.  There is more clothing than a person would ever want to look at.   I'm serious.  No sartorially-inclined person would ever have the interest in looking at all the clothing in that store.  It would take a few days, and nobody but nobody has that kind of passion in clothing, not even my mother. 

Speaking of Mommy, she was supposed to start her first exercise class today, but it got canceled at the last minute.  She was mildly disappointed.  We are all looking forward to seeing what she thinks of an exercise session after she has one. 

I acquired a cough and a sneeze at work today.  My throat is sore this evening.  I do not look forward to where this may be going.  I guess I will turn in. 

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Post 2295 - Monday

I returned to work today. 

I thought a lot about my mother today.  I remembered a funny story from a few days ago, and I thought I would share it with you.

Thursday afternoon, my mother and sister and I attended a taste testing thingy at the place where my mother now lives.  They offered us all manner of things, most of which I liked, and a few of which I would have been honored to be served in a restaurant.  I wasn't wild about the pan-fried salmon.  I don't know why so many people screw up the preparation of salmon.  But I digress.

Sitting at the same table with us was another client of the nursing home.  He was 80 if he was a day.  Each dish he sampled, with perhaps 2 exceptions, he disliked, sometimes passionately so.  Meanwhile, my sister and mother liked nearly everything, like I did.

This old gaffer, a carmudgeon if ever there was one, was eventually led back to his room.  As he passed me he looked at me and winked.  I was nonplussed.  It would appear that an 80-year old gay guy was flirting with me.  It's nice to know that I've still got it.

I was talking to my mother this evening.  I had tried to reach her 45 minutes or so earlier, but she didn't pick up.  When she finally did, she explained that she had been out in the common area playing bingo.  She allowed that she had had a great time and then told me that when my older sister and late brother were little kids, that Mom and Dad would occasionally go out and play bingo in a nearby town.  First I heard of that. 

This afternoon, she and Gayle also attended a hymn sing.  Tomorrow Mom starts an exercise program.  They have little concerts in the main area as well.  Mom told me that she is having a very good time there so far.  It would seem that the stress and aggravation from last week, while justified, may be paying off for her, and for us.  Yay!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, isn't it?  Funny how that works out.

See you then.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Post 2294 - Bevboy's Back!

Hi, all 4.7 of you.  It's nice to be back.

I have been struggling with what to tell you and what to hold back.  I will lean toward spilling my guts but will read this over before I publish it and make appropriate changes.

I have been off work since Tuesday.  I return to work tomorrow, Monday.  Why have I been off?  Ah, thereby hangs a tale.

You know that I took my car in last Monday for some  body work.  It was a pre-scheduled thing.  Monday evening, shortly after arriving home, my phone rang.  It was my younger sister informing me that our mother had been invited to enter a nursing home.

Our mother had gone to the hospital 10 days ago, on the 14th.  I won't get into the what but she needed to be there.  I spent last weekend with her.  I returned to the city Sunday night.  Less than 24 hours later, the invitation to go to the nursing home was made. 

Mom thought about it for perhaps an hour before she decided to accept the offer.  The move would take place Tuesday or Wednesday.

My car was still in the shop on Tuesday, so I was unable to help my sisters pack some of Mom's essentials to move to her new room.  I kept being told that my car would be ready but it wasn't.  It would be ready by noon.  Nope.  Three pm.  Not so much.  4:30.  Ha ha.  Finally, at 5:10, the car was ready.  I grabbed it.  Drove back to the house.  Threw some things into a couple of bags.  Sneaked Newbie into his carrier via  a method I will not describe in case I want to use it again. 

I drove to my mother's house, arriving just past 7:30.  My two sisters came over and we had a long conversation about some stuff. 

Wednesday came.  Around 1pm, my mother was delivered to the nursing home.

I'm not going to say much more.  She remains there.  She is happy and comfortable.  I remained in the home until 7pm this evening before driving Newbie and me back here. 

There are many more issues to consider over the coming days and weeks and months.  Some I will discuss with you, and some I will not.  As you can imagine, this is a sensitive situation and one that is complex and must remain within the family. 

It is good to be back, though.  I know that my 4.7 readers all missed me.  And I hope that I do not have to take another hiatus for a very long time to come, if ever. 

See you tomorrow (and, yes, it feels good to say that!)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Post 2293 - Hiatus

I am shutting down the blog for a week or so. This will be the final post until I'm back.

I am dealing with some urgent and pressing family issues that require my immediate attention. As such, I will not have the time or the inclination to update the blog. After Thursday, I will be keeping the BlackBerry off more than it will be on.

The only exception will be Mark Dooley's "Samson" story. I want to know what happens next the same as you do.

My "digital footprint" will be all but nonexistent. I will not be "liking" things on Facebook, or retweeting tweets. If I used tumblr or reddit or any obscure social media, I'd stop using those, too. Pfft!

I'm sorry to have to do this, but if you were in my situation, you'd do the same thing.

See you soon, my friends.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to Bevboy's Blog!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Post 2292 - Samson: A Cat's Tale, Parts 20 and 21

Here are the latest chapters in Mark Dooley's latest magnum opus.  I really like where this story is going, except when the cats inevitably pass on.  Sniff!

Gee, I'm mawkish today.  Nearly maudlin.  Wonder why?

Here's part 21.  Maybe that will cheer me up.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Post 2291 - Missing My Ride

 So, this morning I took my car into the shop again, for the second time in 7 days.  I spent $1800 last week.  Getting the body work done at the dealership would have cost me that much again.  They recommended another place; they quoted me about $400.  Last time I checked, that amount is less than $1800.

There's a big crack in the bumper cover, or whatever you call the thing.   It is easily the cheapest feeling part of the car.  Cardboard would be more sturdy.  But in order for the car to pass inspection, I must get this fixed or replaced.   I just love it when the world grabs me by a particular part of my anatomy and squeezes and won't let go.   I wonder if marriage is like this? 

The good news is that, when I finally get my car back, it should last for years.  It already rides like a dream.  Not a nightmare.  A dream.  Like floating on a cloud. 

I miss not having a car, even when it is just for a short period of time.  I am not sure if I could ever go back to not having something to drive.  I have had a vehicle to toot around in ever since I was 16.  I want to keep driving until I'm blind and toothless and incontinent.  At least another 2 weeks. 

Getting late, and tomorrow promises to be a crazy day for me. 

See you then.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Post 2290 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I am back in Halifax.  I am watching this week's scintillating episode of The Walking Dead.  I can't express how much I love this show.  I wish it could be on every day like a soap opera or something. 

Today was my mother's birthday.  I decided to drive down on Saturday to spend a little extra time with her.  She says hi. 

Newbie doesn't say hi.   He was sullen on the trip back to Halifax.  As I have stated before, it has become ever harder to trick him into his carrier.  Once he is in it, I expect him to take a cup and drag it across the cage until he is allowed out.

I got home around 8:30.  Around 9, I jumped in the shower.  Which is a dump thing to do.  It gets wet in there and you should stand in it and not jump.  You really shouldn't even walk in the shower.  I write from experience.  Please take my word for it.  Please stop jumping  in the shower.

And we have 9 minutes left in this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  I will spill the ending for you.  I do this because I am not a nice person.

I have the distinct pleasure of getting up early Monday morning and dropping my car off for another $500 worth of work to the car.  That should do it for a couple of weeks.

The episode is nearly over.  2 minutes left.  Does Andrea make it?

Now that the episode is over, I am wondering if she is dead or not.  She's trussed up like a turkey in this room all by herself.  And now I have to wait until next week to find out.

But you don't have to wait that long for another blog post.  You only have to wait until tomorrow.

Bye for now.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Post 2289 - Guess What?

I'm here at my mother's for part of the weekend. I knew that Newbie would mewl if I didn't bring him, so here he is. He's cleaning himself now. It's fascinating, watching a cat clean itself.

I'll return to the city for dinner Sunday night. Be assured that I'll be thinking of you.

See you tomorrow, me hearties.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Post 2288 - Samson: A Cat's Tale, Parts 18 and 19

Mark Dooley sent me these a few days ago, and this is my first chance to put 'em up. 

I know that there is a sad ending to this tale, but I am enjoying this storyline very much.  I'm a softie.  A cat person.  I can't help it.  Sue me.

To those who may think that Mark's art style is very simple, drawing anything simply, with an economy of motion and brushstrokes, is very hard work and can only be done with years of experience and hard work.  So there!  If I could draw one millionth as well as Mark, I'd be a happy Bevboy.

I know that Mark reads these posts, so let me and him know what you think of this storyline.

Off to see my mother this weekend.  I will still blog.  Don't you worry.  All 4.7 of you need your daily fix.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post 2287 - A Good Day

I had a doctor's appointment late in the day.  Bottom line: I'm not getting any younger.  Which is a dumb thing to say,  because unless your name is Benjamin Button, nobody is getting any younger, right?   That's what I thought.

I donated blood after work tonight.  I had heard that today there was a special blood donor clinic in memory of Mary-Beth Chaulk, a young woman killed when a car hit her at a cross walk several years ago.  I didn't make the connection that the place where I was going to donate would be the place where the clinic was.

I went through the usual procedure of answering the probing and embarrassing questions that they always ask me.  Maybe someday, as a joke, I'll reply "yes" when they ask me if I have had sex with a pigmy from Borneo who was trading drugs, even once, since 1977.   That'd be really funny, huh?

The blood letting over, I ambled over to the little kitchen they have set up for the donors to rest for a few minutes and have a few refreshments.  Usually, it's juice or water with packaged cookies, and we have to be grateful for that.  But not tonight.  Tina Chaulk made a chili that  nearly beggared description.  The lady volunteer asked me if I wanted a second bowl.  I hesitated, but when Tina noticed my hesitation, she figured I meant yes, and told her to get me another bowl.  I didn't stop her.   There was also a huge cake. 

After I had eaten my fill and thanked Tina Chaulk, I started to leave only to be told to enter my name in a couple of contests.  One of them is for two tickets to the upcoming Great Big Sea concert in town.  The other one was for two tickets to the sold out Mooseheads game this Sunday.  I'm told that is a hockey team.  Hockey games are broken down in to 3 segments of 20 minutes each.  Just showing off a little.

I felt extra good tonight.  I found I had participated in a blood clinic through pure happenstance.  I met the mother of the young lady the clinic was in memory of.  I had some pretty damn fine chili.  And I may win tickets to a concert. 

Oh, yes, and I donated a pint of blood, which may in turn  be used to save up to 5 lives.  Everything else pales before that.   The other things are nice to have, but not the reason I'm there for. 

Say, if you are able to give blood, why don't you?  What's your excuse?

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Post 2286 - Hello

Hi.  How are you tonight?

You have managed to drift away from the pornography on the internet and end up at Bevboy's Blog.  Congratulations for that.

I am writing  this special hello post because I have been giving out my Blog business card to a lot of people lately.  The usual reaction to the cards is one of amusement as they see the handsome avatar (which I call a "Bevatar" just to be weird), and is followed by a question.  "What is your blog about?"

I usually tell people that my blog is like the Seinfeld of blogs.  It is about nothing, and yet everything.  I try to write something every single day, sometimes more than once a day.  My philosophy is that a blog should be fed at least once a day, to give my 4.7 regular readers something to check out every day that has a "y" in it.  A couple of folks read the blog before they start work in the morning.  Others subscribe to it via an rss feed.  Others google something of interest and chance up on the blog when I wrote about that subject.  Many others check this out when I give them a blog business card.

I am perhaps best known for the long, detailed interviews I do with people who are on the radio.  In 2011, Frank Cameron told me that when he went back for an old home week visit to the CBC, that the newer staffers googled him and found my interview with him, thereby saving themselves a lifetime of embarrassment by not knowing who he was and what he's done.  I am of the opinion that there should be a Frank  Cameron shrine at the CBC, which is right next to the ones for Don Tremaine and Pat Connolly and so many others.  I would volunteer to spit polish them every day.  For free.  Think about it, ok?

Frank Magazine and I have an arrangement whereby they will refer to my blog when they write a radio-related article and require one of the hundreds of radio broadcasters photos you can find if you poke around long enough.   As long as they attribute the pictures to me and the blog, that's fine.  Ditto for when they research a person and find out something from my interview with the person. calls me from time to time to ask my thoughts about radio and what I have heard lately.  And I have heard from two different sources that whenever I publish an interview, someone who follows me on twitter or on facebook slithers into the office of Mr. Robert Pace at Maritime Broadcasting Systems and tells him about it so that they can pore over every word in search of disrespectful comments directed at him.  I'm flattered.  I think.

Hee hee.  Let's try it now.

Hello, Mr. Pace.  How are you today?  Have you scheduled any future talks to resolve the strike of 7 of your people in Saint John?  Do you even know their names?    They have to eat, you know.  Maybe you can sell one of your helicopters and use the proceeds to pay those folks a decent living wage?   That'd be nice.  And, while we're at it, how come Garry Barker always, always, always takes the side of Troy Michaels when Mr. Michaels has a disparaging word to say about a co-worker?  You'd think they were dating or something.

Anyway, I have gone on long enough.  By now, you newbies should know whether  you'd like to continue reading this here silly blog.  I thank you for taking the last couple of minutes to read this over and hope that you check me out for a while yet.  Lord knows that I need the readers.  There are nearly 2300 other posts for you to read, representing hundreds of thousands of words, and only a few dozen of them are about Robert Pace.  Maybe I should up that ante a bit.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post 2285 - A Tip Of The Hat

I meant to write this blog post Monday evening, but my migraine made me change my plans.  That is cured.  I am feeling 1000% better today and this evening, so I can write this post now.

You'll recall that I had to get my car fixed on Monday.  It was to have been a multi point inspection and some fluid check ups and so on.  $350 + tax, close to $400.

As a result of the inspection, many issues were identified.  My tires were in such poor condition that they all had to be replaced.  No point trying to fix them.  No point in rotating them until they had all been replaced.  Tire rods had too much give.  The bushings had to be replaced.  The sensor that tells me that the oil level was low no longer worked ($140 to fix that!).  So much more.

More to the tune of $1800 or so.


I authorized all the work, knowing in my heart that while it was beastly expensive, that I had to have a car that was working well, and that I need to keep this particular chariot on the road for a few years yet.

I picked up the car just before 4:30.  Turns out that there was even more work that had to be done.  My oil change ended up being free.  Other work was discounted.  Rather than costing me $2400 (!), they still managed to make it come in at just a hair over $1800.

My customer service representative, as you can see in the picture is my new besty Scott Blackburn.  The level of service he provided me was above and beyond anything I could have imagined.  I would have paid the full $2400, Scott.  It would have wrenched my gut and triggered an even bigger migraine than I suffered on Monday, but I would have paid it.  That you managed to knock $600 off the cost nearly made me cry.  And everyone knows that I don't cry.  Not even when I am eating a bag of raw onions while watching "The Other Side of the Mountain" and rubbing road salt in my eyes.  Not even then.

When I worked for the private sector years ago, we would work on these projects that cost a certain sum of money.  If we went over the estimates provided us, and could justify the over runs, then that seldom meant any repercussions.  We would just charge the client accordingly for the extra hours of effort.  Once the project went live, we would provide warranty support as necessary.   Guess what?  We charged for that, too.   The mind reels.  For all I know that is still the way it is done in these consulting companies.  Fixed price projects were not regarded with happy thoughts.  The scope would be so controlled that if the client wanted a comma added to a line of text in a help screen, the project manager could say no because it was out of scope.  Literally, I saw stuff like that happen.

My point is that even to this day, when someone gives me an estimate to fix something, I view it as that, an estimate.  It is at best a really educated guess based upon years of experience of how long it should take to perform a task of some nature.  It is not a prediction of the future.   Estimating, therefore, is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced.

Imagine my surprise, my delight, when the cost of painting my mother's house and garage six months ago did not exceed the price the 75 year old guy quoted us.  And try to imagine my extreme pleasure that the estimate provided me by the good folks at O'Regans Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac on Robie Street was so close to being right on, that even the extra work they found once they got the car opened up was discounted to the point where the original estimate was respected.

Service above and beyond any reasonable expectation is a rare thing.  I expect good service when I take my car in to any shop, but when I take it to a dealership or to a person who specializes in GM products, then I expect that service to be that much better.  Yesterday, my heightened expectations were exceeded considerably.  These guys knocked it out of the park for me on Monday, and I will never forget that.

I have been delighted to take my car to them in the past.  While I don't want to pay anything more to keep my car going for some time to come, you can bet I will take it to my friends at O'Regans when that unfortunate time rolls around again.

Thank you, Scott Blackburn.  Thank you to his boss, and the mechanic or mechanics who laboured on my bucket of bolts on Monday.  You have a customer for life.  When I buy my next car, you will be the first folks I talk to.  Promise!

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Post 2284 - Migraine

I was going to write about my adventures with my car today. Instead, I've been felled by a migraine headache.

These things are debilitating. If you never get them then you don't understand. It's as simple as that.

I've been resting all evening. I only got up to get dressed for bed and brush my teeth and tap out these few words.

Tomorrow I will write about the car stuff. It's not all bad news.

See you then.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to Bevboy's Blog!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Post 2283 - My Sunday

How are you this fine Sunday evening?

I am watching this week's edition of The Walking Dead, in which Rick and the Governor try to come to terms.  You know it will not end well for either of them.

Clocks went forward an hour over night.  I don't know about you, but I will discover a couple of places in the house where I forgot to change the time.  Maybe on Thursday I will go into one of those rooms and pretend I've gone back in time.  I will take advantage of closing stock information in the "real world" and make it rich.  Bwah ha ha!

Patricia and I had brunch with one of the 4.7 this morning.  She started reading the blog sometime in 2012, and I have never asked her where and how she found it, and me.  I mean, I have known Deborah since high school, when she had a massive crush on me.  I can only imagine how she continued to follow my career and life all these years.

We had a lovely chat.  We met at the Cora's in Clayton Park.   We talked for the better part of two hours.  I talked so much that I was the last one to finish eating, when I am usually the first one by a country mile.  Even the women finished eating before I did. 

After we parted, we went to Wal*Mart.  I had to return an item I'd bought last week that didn't work.  Patricia bought some gardening stuff.  We returned to the house.  I fired up the media player I bought last week, and we watched some tv shows that were stored on a thumb drive.  We plan to get a similar player for the cottage.  Rather than transport a gym bag full of dvd's, we can just take a couple thumb drives or an external hard drive with us and have a summer's worth of stuff to watch.  I'm looking forward to it.

I have to get up no later than 5:30 Monday morning.  I have to take my car into the dealership for a $350  check up.   There is one other thing to discuss  with them.  I plan to be at the dealership in time to be the first car to get in and be serviced.   I can hardly wait to shell out yet more money keeping my car on the road.  Who needs dental care?  And new glasses?

Newbie's nuzzling up against me.  Is he trying to tell me something?

You guys have a good evening.  I will see you tomorrow.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Post 2282 - Samson: A Cat's Tale, Parts 14-17

Mark heard my call and supplied me with part 14 of this magnum opus.  Much obliged.

I am wondering how many people reading this blog post have a cat.  Notice I didn't say "own a cat".  It is impossible to own a cat.  They just keep us around to feed them and change their litter boxes.  Newbie struts around the house behaving as if he had just paid off my mortgage.

I have written a lot about Newbie.  According to one of my 4.7, I write about him too much.  I have also written about my first cat, J.R., who found us in 1980.  Believe it or not, I still think of him, even though he disappeared on us back in 1986.

I love cats.  A big regret of mine is that I did not have a cat from when J.R. went away until Newbie, in 1986.  20 years, with no cat in my life.  What was wrong with me?

 At any rate, I have a cat now, and he's my buddy.  He is next to me cleaning himself as I type these words.

As usual, Mark  Dooley, thank you for letting me be  your official Canadian distributor of your excellent work.

See you tomorrow, with a special post.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Post 2281 - Samson: A Cat's Tale, Parts12 and 13

What with dealing with my mother last weekend and not really having an internet connection, I haven't been able to post the latest parts of Mark Dooley's cat's tale.

For those of you who may not realize it, if you want to see a blown up image so you can make out the words better, just click on any of the strips.

As a cat person, this one is gonna hurt. I know it will have a sad ending. 

Hug your cats while you have them, my friends.  They will love you right back.

I have part 15, but haven't seen #14 yet.  I will run both parts as soon as possible.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Post 2280 - Is It The Weekend Yet?

One day back to work.  One more day to go before the weekend is here. 

We got up in time to have breakfast at the Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road.  They don't take interact or credit card or anything other than good old cash.  Being pay day, I have a little cash and used some of it to buy me some fish cakes and Patricia, Eggs Benedict with salmon.

I showed Patricia the broken fibreglass on the front of my car.  I don't know why that stuff feels so cheap; they may as well use cardboard.  I have no idea what it will cost to fix it.  I have seen folks use duct tape to keep their fibreglass "bumpers" on.  I don't know what that says about their cars passing inspection.  I just know I am not Red Green and don't use any more duct tape than is absolutely necessary.  I did use a little bit of it Wednesday night to keep the civic address sign at my mother's from falling off.  Unusual circumstances.

I took an orange into a guy I work with.  He ate it for his lunch.  He doesn't eat too much.  He pronounced that it was excellent.  He knows where the European Farmer's Market is and promises he will go there soon.  I should charge them royalties.

What else is happening?  Not much.  We went out to dinner after work.  It is swiftly becoming a cliche for us to go to The Lower Deck in Clayton Park. 

I still haven't shown Patricia the media player/streamer I bought last week.  I will fire it up over the weekend and dazzle her.   Who needs cable any more? 

Been a long day.  Still a little tired from running the roads on Wednesday.  Think I'll turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Post 2279 - Ugh!

It is pushing 11:30pm.  I have to get up for work in 6 hours.  It will be a very long day. 

Not as long as today, though.

I got up at my mother's around 7:30; my mother had been up for about 20 minutes.  We ate brekky, and prepared ourselves for the trip to Halifax.  Her doctor's appointment would be at 2:50pm.  She wanted to go to Value Village and the Sally Ann on Green Street beforehand. 

Value Village in Bayer's Lake has moved to a new location and will not open in that new spot until March 14th.  She was disappointed.  We drove from there to the European Farmer's Market that I keep raving about.  Mom picked up some citrus of her own; Helen, the proprietor, gave Mom some free oranges as well.  Thanks, Helen.

We had lunch across the street at Cheachie's.  I had not been there in some months; it was Mom's first time there.  I had the tacos and loved them; she had fish and chips and loved them.  Why don't we go there more often?

From there, we drove to Green Street, up the street from where I lived for years pissing away money on rent, to the Salvation Army.   This is the same Sally Ann that had the fire several months ago.  The interior is... interesting.  The lighting is not that good; I thought the ceiling was sagging in places.  They're going to shut down again for a couple of weeks to do more renovations.  I hope it's soon, and I think they will need more than a couple of weeks to do them.

By 2pm, Mom was done shopping, so we drove over to the hospital for her appointment.  We were early, and the guy ahead of us hadn't shown up, so we got in 20 minutes early.

I won't get into her appointment other than it went well.  Mom got some good advice, and she is already working on implementing those pieces of advice.  She is so much easier to work with than Dad was.  The merest suggestion that he should lay off on the salt shaker would piss him off.  There is now one salt shaker in the house, a small one, and it doesn't get much use. 

After her appointment, we drove back to the Valley.  She needed to get a prescription filled and pick up a few groceries.  That done, we returned to her house, ate a couple sandwiches, and I prepared to return to Halifax.  A little duct tape on the civic sign outside her house, threw Newbie and my stuff into my car, and left. 

I got back here around 8:55. 

Crazy long day.  I don't know how truckers do it.  I don't know how people who have to drive anything every day do it.  I suppose they get used to it, but it must be a hard go.

I return to work tomorrow.  A few changes there that I have to get caught up on.  Looking forward to that.

You guys have a good rest-of-the-evening.  I will see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Post 2278 - Last Night

It's my final night here at my mother's. Tomorrow I drive her into the city, return her home and double back to my place. Good times.

I haven't told Newbie, yet, that he's returning to Halifax Wednesday evening. He seems so peaceful.

Tomorrow will be a very hectic day. Will get an early start.

See you tomorrow.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Post 2277 - Monday

It's past 10:30pm. It has been a long and short day. Long because I initially got up quite early. Short because I had a headache and had to return to bed for several hours.

I came close to missing my coffee meeting with my friend Ken. He is one of the 4.7, a regular reader of this blog not ashamed to admit to doing so. He's the guy who bought that Samsung laser printer from me last week.

We had a nice chat. He's heavily into geocaching. The more I hear about that hobby, the more it intrigues me. He mentioned there was at least one geocache in the little park that's close to my mother's, the park where I (poorly) played baseball when I was growing up.

I'm starting to sound like Stuart McLean, aren't I?

After our chat, I drove to the Port Williams library. I had to admit that the 3 dvd set I'd borrowed 3 weeks earlier had gone missing. I had lost it somewhere between my mother's and my car just as I was leaving for the Valley.

I ransacked my mom's house, upstairs and down. No dice. I went through my car from stem to stern, literally throwing things on the ground. Checked every bag and every satchel. Nope. No luck. It just disappeared into the ether. Somewhere, Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa are watching that dvd with Amelia Earhart and having a good chuckle at my expense.

Anyway, I admitted my mistake and apologized. Because it was a multi dvd set, the librarian would have to check with head office to determine what the replacement cost would be. Sigh and double sigh.

I returned to my mother's and prepared dinner. Roasted chicken. One of the few things I can prepare.

I spent 100 minutes or so watching a movie I hadn't seen in a long time. "Wayne's World" still holds up well, but I remembered it being funnier back in the day.

Newbie has been with me for the last few hours. He still hangs out on that old laser printer as if he had bought instead of me. Bastard. He was probably a divorce lawyer in a previous life.

He did jump off the printer and join me in the bedroom however. That's Newbie on my bed, keeping it warm for me.

Tomorrow I will try to be more productive than I was today. I probably couldn't be less so.

But you know me, right? I can always be less productive.

See you tomorrow.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Post 2276 - Sunday Evening

Just got finished watching "The Walking Dead". Morgan is still alive.

Now it's time to watch "The Talking Dead".

As you can see, Newbie is watching the show with me.

Having coffee with an old friend tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

See you tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Post 2275 - Newbie's Pooped, Too!

Being Saturday, I took my mother shopping. Of course, she kept me hopping for many hours. Upon returning home, I collapsed in a heap. Only woke up when my sister called.

As you can see, Newbie has sympathetic sleepiness. He's been resting most of the night while I've been watching episodes of "Whitechapel" and "Dexter".

Tomorrow, Mom has planned several more excursions for me. I guess I should turn in soon.
See you tomorrow.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Post 2274 - Radio Rumor

Talk is that one of the radio stations in Halifax will be changing format on Monday morning.

My money is on Energy 103. They have languished in the ratings for years. They have changed their name and musical focus before. And they don't have much to lose.

I know that the bigwigs in Toronto who own Evanov don't know who I am or give a rodent's rump about what I think. I will offer advice anyway. If it is the case that you will go after C100 you will have to throw money at it. All those ads for C100 that you see on tv all the time cost and you have to use other media to get your message out.

I got a hint today that someone who's been off the air for a few years may be returning to the airwaves. If so, that is good news indeed. She's been out of the medium for too long.

Your sister station Live 105 has had its on air staff cut to the point where if someone goes on vacation, the few remaining others have to work longer shifts to cover the shift of the person who's out. Energy 103 has a morning show that's live and that's about it. C100 has live jocks from 5;30 am until 10-ish pm. Good live hours. If you want this new venture to be a success, you'll have to beef up your on air staff.
If you want to go after C100, you'll have to provide a product that will make people want to switch to you. Compelling radio with strong personalities playing the type of music that has sufficient appeal to draw C100's listeners away. You know this, but unless you belly up to the bar your new venture will go the way of Z103 and its various permutations, and the stillborn Energy 103.

Good luck. Some friends of mine work out of that building and I wish them continued success and employment. And if I'm wrong about your format change, then I'll do a big whoops.

The only sucky thing is that I won't be in the city to find out which station has flipped. I have no internet connection here. And we're supposed to use wifi for our BlackBerry's wherever possible. No live streaming for me. So, please let me know when you find out which station, if any, has changed.

What are your thoughts and speculation?

See you tomorrow.

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