Friday, March 1, 2013

Post 2274 - Radio Rumor

Talk is that one of the radio stations in Halifax will be changing format on Monday morning.

My money is on Energy 103. They have languished in the ratings for years. They have changed their name and musical focus before. And they don't have much to lose.

I know that the bigwigs in Toronto who own Evanov don't know who I am or give a rodent's rump about what I think. I will offer advice anyway. If it is the case that you will go after C100 you will have to throw money at it. All those ads for C100 that you see on tv all the time cost and you have to use other media to get your message out.

I got a hint today that someone who's been off the air for a few years may be returning to the airwaves. If so, that is good news indeed. She's been out of the medium for too long.

Your sister station Live 105 has had its on air staff cut to the point where if someone goes on vacation, the few remaining others have to work longer shifts to cover the shift of the person who's out. Energy 103 has a morning show that's live and that's about it. C100 has live jocks from 5;30 am until 10-ish pm. Good live hours. If you want this new venture to be a success, you'll have to beef up your on air staff.
If you want to go after C100, you'll have to provide a product that will make people want to switch to you. Compelling radio with strong personalities playing the type of music that has sufficient appeal to draw C100's listeners away. You know this, but unless you belly up to the bar your new venture will go the way of Z103 and its various permutations, and the stillborn Energy 103.

Good luck. Some friends of mine work out of that building and I wish them continued success and employment. And if I'm wrong about your format change, then I'll do a big whoops.

The only sucky thing is that I won't be in the city to find out which station has flipped. I have no internet connection here. And we're supposed to use wifi for our BlackBerry's wherever possible. No live streaming for me. So, please let me know when you find out which station, if any, has changed.

What are your thoughts and speculation?

See you tomorrow.

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