Monday, March 4, 2013

Post 2277 - Monday

It's past 10:30pm. It has been a long and short day. Long because I initially got up quite early. Short because I had a headache and had to return to bed for several hours.

I came close to missing my coffee meeting with my friend Ken. He is one of the 4.7, a regular reader of this blog not ashamed to admit to doing so. He's the guy who bought that Samsung laser printer from me last week.

We had a nice chat. He's heavily into geocaching. The more I hear about that hobby, the more it intrigues me. He mentioned there was at least one geocache in the little park that's close to my mother's, the park where I (poorly) played baseball when I was growing up.

I'm starting to sound like Stuart McLean, aren't I?

After our chat, I drove to the Port Williams library. I had to admit that the 3 dvd set I'd borrowed 3 weeks earlier had gone missing. I had lost it somewhere between my mother's and my car just as I was leaving for the Valley.

I ransacked my mom's house, upstairs and down. No dice. I went through my car from stem to stern, literally throwing things on the ground. Checked every bag and every satchel. Nope. No luck. It just disappeared into the ether. Somewhere, Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa are watching that dvd with Amelia Earhart and having a good chuckle at my expense.

Anyway, I admitted my mistake and apologized. Because it was a multi dvd set, the librarian would have to check with head office to determine what the replacement cost would be. Sigh and double sigh.

I returned to my mother's and prepared dinner. Roasted chicken. One of the few things I can prepare.

I spent 100 minutes or so watching a movie I hadn't seen in a long time. "Wayne's World" still holds up well, but I remembered it being funnier back in the day.

Newbie has been with me for the last few hours. He still hangs out on that old laser printer as if he had bought instead of me. Bastard. He was probably a divorce lawyer in a previous life.

He did jump off the printer and join me in the bedroom however. That's Newbie on my bed, keeping it warm for me.

Tomorrow I will try to be more productive than I was today. I probably couldn't be less so.

But you know me, right? I can always be less productive.

See you tomorrow.

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