Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Post 2279 - Ugh!

It is pushing 11:30pm.  I have to get up for work in 6 hours.  It will be a very long day. 

Not as long as today, though.

I got up at my mother's around 7:30; my mother had been up for about 20 minutes.  We ate brekky, and prepared ourselves for the trip to Halifax.  Her doctor's appointment would be at 2:50pm.  She wanted to go to Value Village and the Sally Ann on Green Street beforehand. 

Value Village in Bayer's Lake has moved to a new location and will not open in that new spot until March 14th.  She was disappointed.  We drove from there to the European Farmer's Market that I keep raving about.  Mom picked up some citrus of her own; Helen, the proprietor, gave Mom some free oranges as well.  Thanks, Helen.

We had lunch across the street at Cheachie's.  I had not been there in some months; it was Mom's first time there.  I had the tacos and loved them; she had fish and chips and loved them.  Why don't we go there more often?

From there, we drove to Green Street, up the street from where I lived for years pissing away money on rent, to the Salvation Army.   This is the same Sally Ann that had the fire several months ago.  The interior is... interesting.  The lighting is not that good; I thought the ceiling was sagging in places.  They're going to shut down again for a couple of weeks to do more renovations.  I hope it's soon, and I think they will need more than a couple of weeks to do them.

By 2pm, Mom was done shopping, so we drove over to the hospital for her appointment.  We were early, and the guy ahead of us hadn't shown up, so we got in 20 minutes early.

I won't get into her appointment other than it went well.  Mom got some good advice, and she is already working on implementing those pieces of advice.  She is so much easier to work with than Dad was.  The merest suggestion that he should lay off on the salt shaker would piss him off.  There is now one salt shaker in the house, a small one, and it doesn't get much use. 

After her appointment, we drove back to the Valley.  She needed to get a prescription filled and pick up a few groceries.  That done, we returned to her house, ate a couple sandwiches, and I prepared to return to Halifax.  A little duct tape on the civic sign outside her house, threw Newbie and my stuff into my car, and left. 

I got back here around 8:55. 

Crazy long day.  I don't know how truckers do it.  I don't know how people who have to drive anything every day do it.  I suppose they get used to it, but it must be a hard go.

I return to work tomorrow.  A few changes there that I have to get caught up on.  Looking forward to that.

You guys have a good rest-of-the-evening.  I will see you tomorrow.


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