Saturday, March 9, 2013

Post 2282 - Samson: A Cat's Tale, Parts 14-17

Mark heard my call and supplied me with part 14 of this magnum opus.  Much obliged.

I am wondering how many people reading this blog post have a cat.  Notice I didn't say "own a cat".  It is impossible to own a cat.  They just keep us around to feed them and change their litter boxes.  Newbie struts around the house behaving as if he had just paid off my mortgage.

I have written a lot about Newbie.  According to one of my 4.7, I write about him too much.  I have also written about my first cat, J.R., who found us in 1980.  Believe it or not, I still think of him, even though he disappeared on us back in 1986.

I love cats.  A big regret of mine is that I did not have a cat from when J.R. went away until Newbie, in 1986.  20 years, with no cat in my life.  What was wrong with me?

 At any rate, I have a cat now, and he's my buddy.  He is next to me cleaning himself as I type these words.

As usual, Mark  Dooley, thank you for letting me be  your official Canadian distributor of your excellent work.

See you tomorrow, with a special post.



Ken said...

Well, this member of the 4.7 is a cat lover. Don't stop writing about Newbie. In fact, write more about Newbie.

I've also had dogs. And budgies. And tropical fish. And marine fish. Even a turtle or two. They're all wonderful. But, in my opinion, none of them can beat being owned by a cat or two.

Rock on Newbie. I would read your blog too. If you could write, I mean.


deboss1 said...

There will probably be a month's break after I finish "Samson", as I've decided to give independent comics publishing another go with a Mark and Dee comic book. I found a comics printer that can do the job quite well and inexpensively for the short run I plan to do (mostly at local shops and dealers here in Columbus, Bloomington, and Indianapolis). I plan on a few pages of original material and the rest taken from my comic strip archive. Basically, I'm going to allow my muse to take the leash and see where she leads me.