Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Post 2286 - Hello

Hi.  How are you tonight?

You have managed to drift away from the pornography on the internet and end up at Bevboy's Blog.  Congratulations for that.

I am writing  this special hello post because I have been giving out my Blog business card to a lot of people lately.  The usual reaction to the cards is one of amusement as they see the handsome avatar (which I call a "Bevatar" just to be weird), and is followed by a question.  "What is your blog about?"

I usually tell people that my blog is like the Seinfeld of blogs.  It is about nothing, and yet everything.  I try to write something every single day, sometimes more than once a day.  My philosophy is that a blog should be fed at least once a day, to give my 4.7 regular readers something to check out every day that has a "y" in it.  A couple of folks read the blog before they start work in the morning.  Others subscribe to it via an rss feed.  Others google something of interest and chance up on the blog when I wrote about that subject.  Many others check this out when I give them a blog business card.

I am perhaps best known for the long, detailed interviews I do with people who are on the radio.  In 2011, Frank Cameron told me that when he went back for an old home week visit to the CBC, that the newer staffers googled him and found my interview with him, thereby saving themselves a lifetime of embarrassment by not knowing who he was and what he's done.  I am of the opinion that there should be a Frank  Cameron shrine at the CBC, which is right next to the ones for Don Tremaine and Pat Connolly and so many others.  I would volunteer to spit polish them every day.  For free.  Think about it, ok?

Frank Magazine and I have an arrangement whereby they will refer to my blog when they write a radio-related article and require one of the hundreds of radio broadcasters photos you can find if you poke around long enough.   As long as they attribute the pictures to me and the blog, that's fine.  Ditto for when they research a person and find out something from my interview with the person. calls me from time to time to ask my thoughts about radio and what I have heard lately.  And I have heard from two different sources that whenever I publish an interview, someone who follows me on twitter or on facebook slithers into the office of Mr. Robert Pace at Maritime Broadcasting Systems and tells him about it so that they can pore over every word in search of disrespectful comments directed at him.  I'm flattered.  I think.

Hee hee.  Let's try it now.

Hello, Mr. Pace.  How are you today?  Have you scheduled any future talks to resolve the strike of 7 of your people in Saint John?  Do you even know their names?    They have to eat, you know.  Maybe you can sell one of your helicopters and use the proceeds to pay those folks a decent living wage?   That'd be nice.  And, while we're at it, how come Garry Barker always, always, always takes the side of Troy Michaels when Mr. Michaels has a disparaging word to say about a co-worker?  You'd think they were dating or something.

Anyway, I have gone on long enough.  By now, you newbies should know whether  you'd like to continue reading this here silly blog.  I thank you for taking the last couple of minutes to read this over and hope that you check me out for a while yet.  Lord knows that I need the readers.  There are nearly 2300 other posts for you to read, representing hundreds of thousands of words, and only a few dozen of them are about Robert Pace.  Maybe I should up that ante a bit.

See you tomorrow.


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