Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post 2287 - A Good Day

I had a doctor's appointment late in the day.  Bottom line: I'm not getting any younger.  Which is a dumb thing to say,  because unless your name is Benjamin Button, nobody is getting any younger, right?   That's what I thought.

I donated blood after work tonight.  I had heard that today there was a special blood donor clinic in memory of Mary-Beth Chaulk, a young woman killed when a car hit her at a cross walk several years ago.  I didn't make the connection that the place where I was going to donate would be the place where the clinic was.

I went through the usual procedure of answering the probing and embarrassing questions that they always ask me.  Maybe someday, as a joke, I'll reply "yes" when they ask me if I have had sex with a pigmy from Borneo who was trading drugs, even once, since 1977.   That'd be really funny, huh?

The blood letting over, I ambled over to the little kitchen they have set up for the donors to rest for a few minutes and have a few refreshments.  Usually, it's juice or water with packaged cookies, and we have to be grateful for that.  But not tonight.  Tina Chaulk made a chili that  nearly beggared description.  The lady volunteer asked me if I wanted a second bowl.  I hesitated, but when Tina noticed my hesitation, she figured I meant yes, and told her to get me another bowl.  I didn't stop her.   There was also a huge cake. 

After I had eaten my fill and thanked Tina Chaulk, I started to leave only to be told to enter my name in a couple of contests.  One of them is for two tickets to the upcoming Great Big Sea concert in town.  The other one was for two tickets to the sold out Mooseheads game this Sunday.  I'm told that is a hockey team.  Hockey games are broken down in to 3 segments of 20 minutes each.  Just showing off a little.

I felt extra good tonight.  I found I had participated in a blood clinic through pure happenstance.  I met the mother of the young lady the clinic was in memory of.  I had some pretty damn fine chili.  And I may win tickets to a concert. 

Oh, yes, and I donated a pint of blood, which may in turn  be used to save up to 5 lives.  Everything else pales before that.   The other things are nice to have, but not the reason I'm there for. 

Say, if you are able to give blood, why don't you?  What's your excuse?

See you tomorrow.


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