Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Post 2296 - Tuesday

Hi.  It's just past 8pm.  As I am fighting some kind of cold or infection or something, i will turn in shortly.   Yeah.  8pm.  Going to bed.  Who's pushing 50?

After work we went to the Lower Deck in Clayton Park.  We had a nice dinner, but I remain puzzled by the concept of "boneless chicken wings".  We all know they're not wings.  I know.  You know.  The kid down the street knows.  What has happened is that actual chicken wings, with a max of 2 per bird, have become so expensive that it is cheaper for folks to take chicken breast meat and beat it into a shape vaguely resembling a wing.  They usually bread the "wings" and put other stuff on them to make them as unpalatable as possible.   That's what they serve you.  Yeah.  We had some.  No.  We won't have any more.  I have half a mind to make myself sick to get the taste and experience out of my system.

That was our "appetizer".  It stretches that term.  We didn't want to eat anything more; we just wanted the crap we had just eaten expunged from our bodies.  But I ate some of the chicken scallopini and will consume the rest of it at lunch tomorrow.  Patricia ate some of her fish and chips and has a similar feeling about the rest of her meal. 

After dinner we checked out the new Value Village store in Bayer's Lake.  The original store was pretty big, but the new one is easily 3 times larger.  There is more clothing than a person would ever want to look at.   I'm serious.  No sartorially-inclined person would ever have the interest in looking at all the clothing in that store.  It would take a few days, and nobody but nobody has that kind of passion in clothing, not even my mother. 

Speaking of Mommy, she was supposed to start her first exercise class today, but it got canceled at the last minute.  She was mildly disappointed.  We are all looking forward to seeing what she thinks of an exercise session after she has one. 

I acquired a cough and a sneeze at work today.  My throat is sore this evening.  I do not look forward to where this may be going.  I guess I will turn in. 

See you tomorrow.


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