Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Post 2297 - Wednesday

It's after 10pm.  I will turn in relatively shortly.

Patricia was out somewhere this evening, and I had to pick her up after it was over.  I killed some time beforehand by purchasing a used tv stand to replace the one that my mother has in  her nursing home room.  The house needed a replacement stand, and it will now have one, effective Friday.  I know you care deeply.  You care as much as I would if you spent too much time and money at any particular Winner's store. 

We got home after 9.  We fed the cats.  Newbie ate and is now nuzzling against me, as if he were a woman ovulating.  If he could read he would probably be offended by that last statement.  I know I would be.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week.  I will be going to my mother's on Good Friday for the Easter weekend.  I will continue to blog, though.  I know you worry about me when I don't.  Don't worry about me.  After all, I don't worry about you. 

Looking forward to another break.  Is it time to retire yet?

See you tomorrow.


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