Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post 2304 - Is It Friday Yet?

It is about 10:15.  I am home from a long day at work, Toastmasters, and running around killing time until Patricia finished a training course of hers. 

We finished Toastmasters by 6:30.  I went to Home Depot and Kent to find a couple of light sockets compatible with an outside photoelectric cell I keep at my mother's as security.  By the time I finished it was time to pick up Patricia.

Tomorrow I will have to get up very early indeed.  I am taking my car in for its bi-annual inspection.  Given all the coin I dropped on this car in the last few weeks, it wants to pass with flying colours.  They should pay me for the inspection.  They should pass the car and then pay me to show off my car as an example of a vehicle everyone should want to  have.  People should want to steal my car and show it off to their fellow thieves, who will want to steal it for themselves.

Anyway, an early day.  Which means I should turn in.  But don't worry.  I will still think about  you  in my dreams.  I know you think about me in yours.  Don't lie.  I will know if you do.  Don't fight it.  Just accept it.

See you tomorrow.


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