Friday, April 5, 2013

Post 2306 - The Weekend Is Here

First of all, no, I haven't heard from Joe Connolly yet.  I live in hope.

It is Friday night.  A surprisingly long week is behind me.  I spent another small fortune on my car this week, but by now the car should look and behave like it just came off the car lot for the first time.  I'm almost afraid to drive it.  Almost.

Patricia and I plan to go to the Home Show tomorrow.  We are going to look at windows and replace a few in my house before they disintegrate, thereby serving as an invitation to local wildlife to move in and propagate.   Of course, we will start with the most expensive window in the house, the bay window facing the street.  I suspect it will cost more than many other windows combined.  Looking forward to paying for that puppy.   I will just do without food for a while.  It's a frill.

At the home show, Patricia will doubtless see all manner of things which cost a sum of money that would cause Cyprus to go into another tail spin.  My job will be to pooh pooh these entreaties and point out a cheaper alternative, such as changing the colour of the walls by scraping paint off someone else's house and glueing it to the desired location here.   Works for me.

Of course, the windows people will have our main attention.  They will sell windows that are nearly impervious to any injury, which seal in the heat and keep moisture out, which look and smell wonderful, and which will put me in such a financial bind the president of Germany will throw up her hands in disgust and refuse to bail me out, even if I remind her I came in third in a German-speaking and writing provincial competition in 1982.  And eat schnitzel.   And like Jerry Lewis.  Oh, sorry.  That was the French.  Sorry.

After we gnaw on a couple pieces of hard tack from the canteen at Exhibition Park, we will leave and rest a spell before going back out in the evening to a Kim Coates meet and greet in downtown Halifax. Coates plays Tig on The Sons of Anarchy.  We have been watching and enjoying the heck out of the show since its first season and can't wait until the new one starts up.  I'm just sorry to report that Coates said on  Q104 this morning that the show will go two more seasons and then be over.  I'm sure they'll be excellent seasons, but I will be sorry to see it go.

Kim Coates worked and lived in Halifax some 30 years ago.  He had acting gigs at Neptune Theatre.  Maybe I threw a quarter or two in a cup he held out to me once, back in the day.  Who knows?  At any rate, we will see him tomorrow night as he discusses the show and his career.  Perhaps I will take my digital voice recorder with me and capture some audio for you.

Sunday we will... well, I haven't been told yet.  Clean up around here?  Spend too much on brunch some place?  Sleep in until 2:30 in the afternoon?  It's hard to say.  I'm sure it will be fun, though.

The weekend yawns open before me.  I must step out into it bravely.  After all, I have more money than brains.

Which isn't saying much.

See you tomorrow.


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