Saturday, April 6, 2013

Post 2307 - A Night Out

Phew!  Long day.  Let me tell you about it.

We went out to lunch at the Lower Deck.  for the last time.  The Saturday brunch wasn't very good at all.  We went from there to Canadian Tire, to Home  Depot, and to Rona.   The latter place is closing and are having a liquidation sale.  

I ended up buying 3 cordless drills.  Dad didn't leave behind a decent cordless drill.  I managed to find the charger for a very old drill, but the battery is built into the device and not replaceable.  To use it at all, you have to keep it plugged in.   The Black and Decker drill I bought him a few years ago probably works fine, but I can't find the charger to save my life.  The new cordless drill comes with two batteries and a charger and some bits; it should last a long time.  The other two cordless drills are for the house and the cottage respectively.

I bought a tool belt.  I bought a screwdriver set.  A surge protector.  A bag containing 12 pairs of men's work gloves.  Several other things.  Patricia bought a Dremel tool, and if I knew what that was, I would tell you and likely be impressed by the deal she got on it.

We got back here and rested a bit before heading out this evening to see Kim Coates at the Spatz Theatre at Citadel Hill.  It is a high school, folks, but the theatre looks to be just as big as the Rebecca Cohn.

Kim Coates is best known for playing Tig on The Sons of Anarchy, one of our favourite shows ever.  Turns out that Coates did quite a few shows at Neptune Theatre in the 1980's, as I mentioned last night.  They showed some stills from those shows, along with clips of some of his films and SOA.  The main part, of course, was his discussion of his career as prompted by questions from John Dunsworth and his good friend, whose leg he kept stroking.  Her name is Kathryn MacLellan.

Coates was very entertaining.  I enjoyed his insights into the craft of acting.  I took an acting course several years ago, and at least understood what he was saying.  I couldn't turn around and do the things he seems to do effortlessly, but at least I could see his POV.

Afterward, we were hungry so we went to a pizza place called Piatto Pizzeria on the corner of Hollis and Morris Street.  After eating pizza there, I am spoiled for eating it anywhere else, any time, ever.  It is better even than Salvatore's Pizza in the Hydrostones.  Honestly.  Come to Halifax.  I will put you up.  Go to Piatto Pizzeria and tell them Bevboy sent you.  They won't know what the Hell you're talking about, but at least it gets my name out there a bit more.

This was an excellent evening out.  We don't go out that much any more, and it's hard to figure out why.  We just fell out of the habit, and that's not good.  But we did go out, and we  had a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to going out again, soon.  Maybe Tig won't be there, but it will be fun anyway.

What's your favourite pizza place in Halifax, anyway?   If you have not been there yet, check out Piatto.  If you have and prefer another place, please justify your choice.  I am curious to know goes on in your head.  After all, you do read this blog.  Some would already accuse you of making poor decisions.  Not me, of course.

See you tomorrow.


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