Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Post 2310 - Tuesday

Hi.  First of all, I'm sorry there was no blog post on Monday.  I wasn't feeling well and slept the night away.   Finally, at 3:45 this morning I woke up long enough to produce a short post, but in my weariness, I sent it to the wrong email address.  Instead of sending it to the email addy that will result in the production of a blog post, it went off into the ether somewhere.  I did post those few lines this morning, not the information was relevant or anything.

Let's see here.  I spent much of the day doing a task that my immediate supervisor describes as tedious. I would not use that word at all.  It requires concentration and an eye to detail; it is very easy to make a small mistake that can have some fairly large consequences so I have to be careful.  It is also a very time consuming task.

Patricia wasn't feeling well again today.  Rather than cook a meal after working all day, I opted to bring home dinner from Swiss Chalet.   Let's not get into what I paid for that repast.  It wasn't cheap.

After dinner we watched a bit of tv.  Around an hour ago, I came down here to my home office where I have been puttering.  In a few minutes I will start tackling the dishes.  I won't finish them this evening, but I will put a dent in them.

My work week is half over.  Two days to go, and then it's Friday.  Friday is when the next blog interview takes place.  It is with a legend in local radio, a man whose career goes back nearly 50 years. I had been asking mutual friends to put in a good word for me, but they never really did.  Finally, at  Clive Schaefer's funeral last year, I met him (sort of again) and asked him if he would deign to sit down with me.  He said sure, and told me how to find his phone number.  Imagine that!

I didn't call him, but on my birthday last year, among the many well wishes was this fellow, who reminded me of the promise to sit down with him.  We would have met a few weeks ago, but that is when Mom went into the nursing home.  Other things were on my mind, as you might imagine.

I am quite nervous about this interview.  Other than a brief sit down with Steve Murphy on the eve of his semi-retirement, I am not aware of his being interviewed ever.  Gulp!

Newbie isn't downstairs with me, but I sense his presence upstairs.  He is pacing back and forth in the kitchen wondering when I am going to do the dishes.  I'm on my way!

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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