Friday, April 12, 2013

Post 2313 - Valley Time

Hello. Greetings from my mother's house. I got here about 9pm. I know you were worried about me.

I've had a busy and productive day? Would you like to hear about it? No? Well, too bad.

Even though today was a day off, I still got up early because I had to take my car in yet again. Replacing the bulb in the headlight cost me 36 dollars. I'm in the wrong line of work.

I had a couple hours to kill after I left the dealership. I went to the Staples and Value Village and Staples stores in Bayers Lake. I love Staples. Wish there were as many of those as there are Tim Horton's outlets. That'd be pretty sweet, eh wot?

Around 11:10 I girded my loins. I said my Hail Mary's. I made my peace with my maker. I began my drive to Dartmouth.

Long-time readers will recall that Dartmouth and I don't see eye-to-eye. Driving to that place is a counter intuitive, frightening, challenging exercise. I usually get lost. Street signs for even major thoroughfares are either not there or in a font so small I'd need an electron microscope to see what was on them.

Mike Cranston was to meet me at the Boston Pizza on Portland Street. I followed that street until I thought I'd driven too far and then drove a littler further. BP appeared as if out of nowhere. I drove to the parking lot and felt like kissing the ground.

I sat in my car, coming down from the harrowing journey I'd just completed. At 11:55 I went into the Boston Pizza with my recording equipment. The server directed me to a booth. I waited for Mr. Cranston to arrive. He got there just past noon.

What we talked about will be published in an upcoming interview. I will state that I was surprised by several of his answers and I think you will be as well. I look forward to sharing our conversation with you.

I got back to the house around 3pm. Patricia was outside cleaning out the storage shed. We had to make room for all the stuff we'd purchased the night before. The coolest thing was the 6 foot aluminum ladder, which set me back all of 4 dollars. There were plenty other things purchased. Some of them came up with me this evening. I think I have enough screwdrivers now. Probably more than enough.

We napped for an hour or so. Around 5:20 I got up and started loading the car. By the time I was done the car was so full I feared there wouldn't be room for me in it. There was. Barely.

After getting some Newbie victuals I hit the road. A quick stop over in Wolfville where I got a few groceries was what I needed before I got here. I am just glad that I beat the impending storm.

I'll be here until Tuesday afternoon. I have things to do here that only I can or will do. Long story.

It's getting late. Newbie's sitting on my lap and wants to turn in. I agree with him.

You guys have a wonderful evening. Remember that I love all 4.7 of you!

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