Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post 2314 - Saturday

Visited my mother today. She says hello.

Newbie is fitting in here nicely as well. He spends more time in my father's workshop than I do. I wonder what he's building down there? As soon as he allows me to look, I will report back here.

The Crappy Tire in New Minas just underwent major renovations. Grand re-opening this weekend. I went in and walked out with yet more screwdrivers and stubby wrenches and other discounted hand tools. Dad left behind quite a few tools but only one complete set of wrenches. There are individual screwdrivers and the like but most of them are pretty worn and used. Adding more tools can be only a good thing.

This evening I've been doing laundry here. People at my work will be pleased to learn that I have clean underwear again. Newbie's pretty happy anout that, too.

Tomorrow will be more of what I did today. Guess I'd better prepare for it with a good night's sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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