Sunday, April 14, 2013

Post 2315 - Something Neat

It is Sunday evening. I just finished watching a crappy movie called "Fled". It co-stars one of Alec Baldwin's brothers so I should have known better.

The subject of tonight's blog post will become clear shortly.

Mom wanted to go to Frenchy's today. She doesn't really ask you to take her anywhere. She asks if you were planning to go to a certain location, one that she coincidentally wants to go to. I was happy to take her. Afterward we had an early supper at a Chinese buffet in New Minas.

I bade farewell to my mother and returned to the house.

Wanna hear about the "cool" part? Okay!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to a guy at my work about how the floodlights over my mother's garage only half worked. One light worked. The other didn't.

This guy smiled. Or maybe he had gas. At any rate, he told me that in these situations about 95% of the time that this can be fixed in about 2 minutes.

He explained that in the fixture itself, where the bulb is screwed in, there is a little tab thing. Many times it gets pushed up and away from the bulb, removing the contact between the bulb and the fixture, resulting in one thinking it's broken. To fix it, you just move that tab thingy down a smidge.

Before I went to see Mom, I went out to the garage. I removed the fuse that controlled all the lights therein. Dad set up the wiring that way. I turned off the light switches for an abundance of caution. I wrapped electrical tape around the shaft of an old screwdriver.

I grabbed the step ladder and moved it outside and climbed it to access the fixture. I took out the old burned out bulb. I saw the tab thing and used the screwdriver to pry it downward a centimeter or so. I put a fresh bulb in it. Went down to earth. Screwed the fuse back into the fuse box. Turned the outdoor light switch on. Went back outside and looked up. The non-working part of the fixture was now working. Super yay!

I'd already bought a photo electric eye for the fixture to add to the one that was already working. Around 7:30 tonight that light came on. Amusingly, when one light came on, it tricked the photo electric eye in the other fixture into thinking that it was daylight, turning it off. They switched back and forth for a while. I went back outside and climbed up and angled them away from each other. That problem went away.

I've saved the cost of buying a new 2 light fixture and hiring someone to install the thing. With the cash I saved I can spend even more money on hair care products this month. My already lustrous, beautiful, silky-smooth hair will become up to 43% more so if the advertisements on television are to be believed. .

I'm happy. And tired. Time to turn in and prepare for my Monday, which promises to be busy.

See you tomorrow.

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