Friday, April 19, 2013

Post 2320 - Aaarrgghh!

I'm in serious pain this evening. I am no longer walking. It is more like an agonizing hobble.

This situation began Tuesday evening. We were at dinner. When I returned from the men's, on my way back to our booth, I saw long-time Blog reader Les. I said hello. I wasn't paying careful attention to where I was walking.

The Lower Deck has quite a few galley-type benches where patrons can drink and eat and drink some more. They resemble fancy picnic tables. Anyway, I walked hard into one of these galleys, striking it with my knee so hard it made the galley move, and it's a heavy brute.

It hurt like hell. I've banged myself before and will again. I felt pretty sheepish about the whole thing. I assumed it would improve after a day or so.

Wednesday my knee was still sore. I didn't give it much thought.

Thursday my knee felt worse. The pain was growing worse. I couldn't bend my leg except in a certain way. Walking was difficult.

Today my knee is even worse. I have a full-fledged limp. If I am not very careful my left leg will nearly collapse under me and the pain becomes nearly unbearable. Sitting down is painful as well as it involves bending this knee. Getting in and out of my car causes great discomfort.

This is starting to worry me. I am on painkillers. An icepack is lashed to my knee, which is now throbbing. Frig, I really did a number to my knee!

I am unable to see my doc about this until the 24th, Wednesday. I will spend as much time this weekend as I can off my feet taking painkillers and resting in such a way that it doesn't cause additional hurt. I'm hoping to go back to work on Monday.

Guess I'll turn in. Meds are kicking in.

See you tomorrow. I hope.

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