Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post 2323 - Tuesday


First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't write on Monday.  It was all I could do to make it home before I lay down and slept the night away.  After a day of hobbling on it, my leg was killing me last night.  Sleeping as much as I did last night and into this morning made a big difference.  My leg was much better today.

Let's see here.  What was my day like?

The highway system in Halifax is interesting to say the least.  Roads merge suddenly, forcing you to change lanes when it may not be prudent to do so.  That happened this evening on the way home.  The turn off we usually take to get home forces me to switch lanes so as to make the exit to the Saint Margaret's Bay Road.  There is a short window during which I can execute this manoeuvre.  Been doing this for years and years and always found the space to do this.

Until this evening.

For the first time I think ever, I couldn't get into the right lane because there were too many other vehicles already in it.  I had no choice but to stay in the left lane.  I took the first exit from that and looped around and we found ourselves going back in the opposite direction, as if we were returning to Halifax.  We ended up turning on to the Prospect Road toward Exhibition Park.  We kept driving because we seldom go down that way.

We ended up driving toward and then past Peggy's Cove.  This time of year, without all the tourists, it is a different experience.   We continued around the loop that would eventually take us to Tantallon.  Quite a ways along, I very suddenly I saw a sign for a place called The Finer Diner in Hackett's Cove.   I slowed down and took the turn to the parking lot and said we were going in for a piece of pie or something.

We ended up having a pretty agreeable dinner there.  We both ordered a beef tip sandwich.  Actual damn slices of beef dipped in bbq sauce and served between a kaiser roll.  I had a side Caesar salad, and it was pretty damned  good.  Just enough salad dressing.  Too many people drench these salads in so much dressing I wonder if they bought too much of it at Costco and have to use it up before it goes bad.  Tonight it was just right.

The sandwich was excellent.  The meat may have been just a hair too chewy, but I was so impressed that they used real beef and not that pressed shit that I can forgive them for this slight error.

Patricia also had the sandwich, only with fries.  While from a bag, the fries were still really good, much better than I would have expected.

I had a root beer float; if you look on my Facebook, you can see me hovering over it.  Patricia and I shared a slice of pie.  It was caramel pie with cream and little bits of rhubarb mixed in.  We liked it, although an actual rhubarb/strawberry pie would have rocked our world. 

The service was excellent.  Our server was named Kelly, and she was great fun.  I was happy to leave her a good tip, one not involving the consumption of yellow snow.

The meal set me back a non-princely sum.  We will go back, and relatively soon.

We drove home after that.  I came upstairs and have been surfing the web for the last 90 minutes or so.  My leg is still not 100 percent, so I am going to turn in early and get as much rest as I can in the hope that it will be that much better in the morning.

Tonight's roundabout drive was unexpected and was capped off with an unexpected and delightful meal.  As I get a little older, I do less and less of the spontaneous stuff, and times like this remind me that I should be much more spontaneous than I am.  Perhaps I will turn over a new leaf.

Or not.

After all, there's always something good on tv.

See you tomorrow.


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